Kris Holm 29 inch

Hello, my dears!

I’m thinking about buying Kris Holm’s 29 inches. Do you have any experience? What do you think it’s a good choice? If you know if someone sells it, I’m also very happy about an answer. I’m looking forward to reviews & Co.
Thank you!

~Anne from Germany


I’ve got an older (pre-disk) KH29, and a number of other newer KH unicycles and have been very happy with them.

Deciding which to buy is definitely harder these days as there are so many brands making quality unicycles, but I don’t think you’d be disappointed by your purchase if you got the KH29.

I’m sure there will be comments to come around the crank mounted disk, but I personally have had no issues and over the years have seen far more comments about it being a bad idea than I have seen people actually having problems.

Why is it that you’re thinking of buying the KH29 over the alternatives?
(Nimbus Oracle, Qu-Ax RGB, Mad4One Tecno)


Thanks a lot for your long answer. I think KH ist the best of all the unicycles. Nimbus is also good, I have got one, but I want to try something new. Kris Holm is the most expensive I think, but maybe the best quality.

The crank mounted disk is a bad system :smiley:

I’m one of these guys who prefer having an inner-board disk as it’s easier to work with: the disk setting doesn’t rely on the crank which is IMHO far easier when you have to change your cranks for example. And I have had less issues with inner-board disks - which I have used throughout time on 3 unis.

I don’t think it is true anymore. It was, but now other have filled the gap. IMHO Qu-ax is a better brand now with their #RGB series. They are theoretically lighter and I know a single person who have had issue with it. Well, it was @mowcius :upside_down_face:
In any case, KH is still a great brand and you shouldn’t have many issue if you go for it!


I used to own a Nimbus Oracle 29". (plus a 19" and 26" Nimbus)
When it needed replacing, I bought a KH29.

I’ve had my KH29 for about 4 years now and if it ever it needs replacing, I’ll be buying another.

I think KH is the best as well.

I think the other brands need to hang out at the top for a while longer before I would start dishing out cash for something without the great reputation.
Buy the best you can afford and hope it serves you well.

Don’t forget to look at Mad4one too. Mad4one or Qu-ax would be my current pick for the best 29" Muni. Like Maxence, I simply don’t get the whole crank mounted disk thing…Solves a problem no one has, and creates some new problems instead. (Disk alignment, and with very hard riding, Spirit cranks seem to have a habit of bending.)

Especially Mad4one has proven themselves as a really good unicycle now, they have been on the market for a long time now.
I’d consider Mad4one, QX RGB and Kris Holm one level nowadays. Kris Holm was undoubtedly “the best” for a long time, but I don’t think it’s true anymore. They have been static for a while, and Mad4one and Qu-ax have moved up.

Yes, KH is still one of the top unicycles.
But depending on some more detailled priorities/preferences from you, I’d consider other options too. I find the 3.25 tire on the KH pretty wide, and their very wide rims will limit you in going to a thinner tire, should you want to. The KH one seat also seems to be a bit of a either love it or hate it thing too. (I have similar details to consider for both Qu-ax and Mad4one too, should you want a full comparison.)


My kh29 is my favourite unicycle, my 27.5 mad4one a very close second. They are different styles but i feel kh has the edge on quality, and mad4one is a clear winner for choice of options especially colours. I very much like the fusion 1 saddle, so much so I also use one on the mad4one, but that’s only a personal choice. External disk is not an issue for me but you are locked into using kh spirit cranks, which is limiting. The kh 55mm rim is a real pain, only small range of off road tyres will fit. The Duro Crux is great tyre, but hard to buy. Also, if you want to do mostly road riding like me there are no road tyres that will fit a 55mm rim, it’s just too wide.

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Thank you, that help me a lot! :slight_smile:

Thank you! That are very good news for me… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your opinion! That’s is very helpful. Mad4one looks like a very Good choice. Which sattle is the best there?
Do you have some good advice that are helpful for putting together Mad4one’s unicycles? I don’t know the small parts/stuff that much…

Thank you! :slight_smile:

There’s no universally best saddle. It depends on your anatomy, riding style and personal preference.


Thank you. Your experiences are very helpful. Difficult choice between Kris Holm and Mad4one…

Okay, that’s difficult to choose, when you can’t test it before. I love Muni and Tours, and my length is very small. 1m 60cm I think.

The Mad4one handle saddle is different than most, you won’t know if you like it until you use for a while. I would suggest you do not buy the small size. I did and found it too small to use with my hand so close to my body. Also, while the padding is good, I found it not in the correct position and I was putting my weight only on the front edge of the padding, not further back where the padding works better. A medium size handle saddle would be a better choice, I see many other riders who use the median. Mad4one also have a cheaper entry level range of unicycles which are still very good and also with a range of colours, not just black like KH. Perhaps @gockie can give a review?

The URC unis by Mad4One are the cheaper range by Mad4One. To me, the essential difference really is that its steel, not aluminum so its a bit heavier, and secondly the colour choices are much fewer. You only get an inboard brake mount, not both (but you really don’t need both to be honest). The steel model is a heck of a lot cheaper than the aluminium model though!

In Sydney Australia, loads of people have Mad4Ones. It’s really from word of mouth and people buying them in pretty colours, reasonable prices and the ability to customise that seem to be the reasons why they are popular (just in my opinion). Being sold from Italy doesn’t seem to be so much of a deterrent! There have been shipping delays though, but I think that is largely a Covid issue.

As to being 160cm. Check your inseam, you may have issues riding a 29er and you might need to cut the frame. My inseam is 77cm and I have about 5cm spare on a Nimbus 29er (depends on seat and crank length, I am using 125mm cranks and KH Fusion Freeride saddle), so if your inseam is less than ~72cm, you may want to cut the uni frame down a little at the neck.

As to the best seat, my favourite is the KH Fusion Freeride.

Thank you, your advice about the Mad4one saddles are very interesting and help me. Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much, Linda, that you told me your experiences about Mad4one and Kris Holm. I heard much about the Fusion Freeride saddle from KH and I think, I will buy it for my Nimbus oracle 24 inch. The saddles from Nimbus are so bad! I hate them. The information for the inseam is very important for me, thank you. Is there anything worse than buying a unicycle and then not being able to drive because of the length of the crotch? I can’t imagine worse things about unicycles… Maybe it’s also possible to simply shorten the seatpost. In any case, thank you very much, Linda. You really helped me!

I also don’t recommend for you the Kris Holm. The rim is pretty wide and not best suited for narrower tyres.

With the URC you need to keep in mind that you want to have a double walled rim if you want to do Muni with it. If you add also a disc brake you will soon be at the same price as the Nimbus Oracle, that has my eyes a slightly better quality. The saddle is not nice of course but at you could always ask if it can get delivered with another saddle (the QX eleven designed by Kris Holm is personally my favorite). But otherwise the nimbus is great!

The QX RGB is the lightest Muni you can get standard on the market. It has a different crank system than other brands, the Q-Axle system what makes it lighter and more resistent against wearing it out because of changing the cranks too much or use the wrong spacers, what is a issue with ISIS but not with the Q-Axle. My riding mate got himself a 29" QX RGB and uses it for Road riding and easy Muni. The tire it comes with rolls amazingly good, is okay in slight mud. I don’t think that it is great in heavy mud, but no tire that rolls perfect on Road can be. He got 110/136 mm cranks, so far he uses just the 136 mm and is usually not too far behind when I ride with the 36". The 110 are great for fast riding (took it out once on those, was amazing). No matter what uni you get, I definitely recommend you getting dual hole cranks with similar holes for your purpose.
It might be a bit too big framewise, but offer the service to cut the frame, so you can be totally sure that it would fit you size.

Qu-Ax also has a cheaper version of the 29" which is on the same level of quality as the URC. It is also possible to get a disc brake for it. I would also recommend a different saddle for that one.

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Thank you very much, Betty. I’ll definitely look for an RGB Quax unicycle… I’ve heard a lot about them, but the minimum step length always prevented me from doing so. But if offers that to shorten the fork or seatpost, that’s great! Thank you!!! :slight_smile: I appreciate your effort very much!


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