does koxx make good unis


how do they compare to krisholms

Koxx is heavier, not ISIS, have the best color schemes.
KH is really light, has a better seat, ISIS, that same old blue frame.

Nobody knows how they compare in strength.

I thought Koxx was ISIS.

People have been saying that they are actually different, I think someone either tried to put ISIS cranks on a koxx hub or koxx cranks on an ISIS hub and they didn’t fit.
They claim they are ISIS though but apparently not.

Hmm, funny.

I actually think Koxx has ISIS as they claim. I have ISIS-drive on my mountain bike and it´s just the same as Koxx. And the new Krisholms also have ISIS. So both of them is actually ISIS.

An ISIS hub.

Have you tried putting the uni cranks on the bike or the other way around? It would be nice to know if they are really ISIS or not.

Well, if the hub and cranks have the same amount of those grooves they are ISIS (can´t remember the amount of them in ISIS right now but maybe I´ll google it http://www.isisdrive.com/ ). But no I actually haven´t tried them on my bike, but I´ve seen them and they´re the same.

But the number of splines isn’t the only factor. You can have the same number of splines but still not fit.

I don’t really know, they talk about all of that in the 2007 KH uni thread.

Ohh, ok. Never heard of that before. Guess I´ll go read some of that then :slight_smile:

Roger at unicycle.com said he (or somebody) tried putting the KH and Qu-Ax ISIS cranks on the Koxx, and they didn’t fit. Supposedly they are all ISIS, but the Koxx hub is said to be slightly off. Maybe slightly to large, or something, so that ISIS cranks just barely don’t fit.

That is my opinion of the situation, I haven’t actually seen it myself personally though.

The thing I am wary of about the Koxx 1, is there have been several instances of Koxx having problems, defects, stuff going wrong with the cranks, and so on. Regardless, Kris Holm still pays more attention to detail, and his unicycles are more realiable.

Of course, I own neither brand, so this is still my opinion. :slight_smile:

The xtp is lighter.

a french uni shop made a compare table of isis compatibility
http://monocycle.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2369 (at the end)

manivelle means crank
axe = hub

the conclusion is that the KH hub is the most compatible one but for cranks the koxx one are the best
(the moment cranks works only on KH hub)

XTP is the same weight as the 2007 KH


I think you are refering to my problem with them and that problem has been rectified in the newer cranks.

I just read that other site where they did further testing of compatibility. From the sounds of it if you buy a KH axle then all Isis cranks will fit on it, but if you get a different axle then the KH cranks will not fit on it. All of the axles are technically ISIS, but the variations are in the cranks. The KH cranks are built to only fit onto the KH hub (although I don’t understand how), and the other cranks are more simple and will fit onto any ISIS hub.

Wow that is really useful. Whoever made that deserves an applause.

so if I read this right, you could put koxx street cranks on a KH moment hub???