Moment Hub & ISIS cranks - compatibility?

Maybe my brain’s slowing down as I get older (:p), but I can’t seem to make sense of all the threads about ISIS compatibilities and incompatibilities. (See attached images, from here…if you’re French.) Some cranks work on all hubs, while others only work on certain hubs, and some setups are masquerading as ISIS but completely incompatible. I heard that some have changed since the initial flurry of testing, too. It’s just too much for me to sort through. So, instead, a simplified question:

Given a KH Moment hub, what 170mm and/or 175mm cranks will fit? Bicycle cranks inclusive. (and have you tried them yourself?)



Re: Moment Hub & ISIS cranks - compatibility?

entropy wrote:

> Given a KH Moment hub, what 170mm and/or 175mm cranks will fit?

That chart doesn’t show. It lists KH Moment cranks, & KH Balance hubs.
The KH website shows Moment crank & hubs, but not Balance, so I’m not
sure what that means. Anyway those KH hubs were compatible with all
ISIS cranks in the chart except Qu-ax, and were the most compatible of
the hubs in the chart.

That’s going to be a factor in my upcoming muni purchase. Hopefully
next month.

uhm… if you want no trouble… get the cranks and the hub from the same company…

yeah they should get this isis rubbish sorted out!

True, but it sort of defeats the purpose of buying something that’s standardized. The reason to buy an ISIS hub is the ability to use a broad variety of cranks. All ISIS hubs should work with all ISIS cranks. Components that deviate from this shouldn’t be labeled ISIS.

According to the table on, the KH, Qu-AX and Onza hubs are ISIS, so you can swap round the cranks between them, the koxx hubs & cranks aren’t really ISIS, so you can’t use them with any others.


I just test fitted my 05’ ZOO! biketrials cranks to the moment hub, and they fit. All Echo, ZOO!, Adamant, Czar, and GU bike trials parts are all made by the same company. So cranks by any of these “companys” will work. I rode with Kris in Telluride, and he was using Tensile cranks, so those obviously fit.

I had to make a trip to the post office, so I took the cranks along to compare weight.
ZOO! 170mm (one crank) = 9oz, 255g
Moment 137mm (one crank) = 11oz, 312g
Moment 165mm (set) = 682g <from

edit: biketrials cranks are made to use a thread-on cog, or freewheel, so there is no spider to get in the way.

Great - exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks everyone!

yep. theoretically any ISIS crank will work on any ISIS hub. not always the case but close. in fact the KH/koxx incompatibility is the only one i know of with ISIS stuff. everything else i’ve ever heard of works together. that’s the point of standards.

yer basically, everyone got it right except koxx

Koxx should just stop calling their crankset “ISIS”. Doing so is a violation of the ISIS-license.

I really don’t understand why at least the shops stop calling them ISIS? They cause confusion with that and knowingly do false advertising. Next time I sell a car I will advertise it as a “Porsche (note that this is not actually a Porsche, its a Renault, but I just call it this way cause it looks better)”.

I think they should call it the “specialkoxxcrankstandardthatisincompatiblewitheverythingcausekoxxistoostupidtobuildaproperisiscrankset” .

This sounds like very useful stuff! I bet most of us dont know a thing about trials bike cranks. Can you tell us or steer us in the direction of a place that will compare the strengths, weights, etc of bike trials cranks? Or, simply, which cranks the bike commmunity considers to be the best. :slight_smile:

Probably, Zoo!, Monty and Echo are the best.

I’m using the 175 Truvativ Luftalarm cranks with a Koxx hub and a Surly rim (see my avatar). The Luftalarm cranks have a fair amount of ‘Q’ factor.
It sounds like some Koxx hubs are within the ISIS spec and some are not (I guess I got lucky).
Either that or both Koxx and Truvativ are not ISIS compliant.

Hear, Hear! after all ISIS does stand for: INTERNATIONAL Splined Interface STANDARD!

Bikers all seem to agree on middleburn cranks being the holy grail of trials cranks, But those use a bolt on chainring. All “Deng” cranks (compaines listed in my previous post) have been getting good reviews, and all use track cogs.

Search there’s alot of info there. If you post, don’t tell them you’re a unicyclist;)

I second this…

yer if u say u uni basically every thread u post in will turn into a “omg unis are so gay, u crush ur balls when u land” thread.