Koxx-One Karbon Koncept !

Hey Guys !

Discover the new Koxx-one Uni

And if the futur was in carbon ?!

that looks so badass :astonished: :smiley:

Where is the 36" model? :slight_smile:


awesome uni :wink:

Does that not say “Karkon Koncept”? =S

new try all rim 36 :wink:

hahahahahah yeah it does lmao

How could carbon take the abuse? I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I know carbon has issues. The stress on unicycle frames is incredible compared to those on bicycles. Remember people are breaking steel frames. Ever seen someone break a steel bicycle frame?


okay one that wasn’t from walmart? but then that leaves me asking how? there’s the obvious getting hit by a car etc, but you know what i mean.

It was from walmart. And it got hit by a truck.

I’m actually starting to wonder if Koxx didn’t make errors on purpose in their ‘new products’ posters.

Yeah do they not have anyone that speaks good enough english? I’d be glad to spell check for them! :stuck_out_tongue: haha

I’m guessing they called it karbon koncept, to go along with Koxx-one…

I think they are talking of the b in Karkon Koncept

Yeah, but the error is Karkon Koncept ^^

That’s a beautiful looking frame. Reminds me of one that a guy from Japan brought to one of the Unicons back in the 90s. It was a work of art that he’d made by hand. I think it had carbon cranks and possibly hub as well. The shape of the crown was similar, though his had a teardrop-shaped cross section of the fork legs and seat tube.

Potentially quite well. As with anything else, how it’s constructed will be a factor In 1996 there were three of Roger Davies’ carbon-framed MUnis at the first MUni Weekend. Those are still fine as far as I know. Trials, Street and Flat riding can potentially subject a unicycle frame to worse stresses, especially in bad landings/bails. Anything can break, but a well-reinforced carbon crown could be super-strong and still light.

Yes. Why, is it a rare occurrence?

the problem isn’t strength, the carbon is stronger, but it will fail catastrophically if it does.

who wants a gigantic carbon splinter through their leg? :smiley: raises hand

a unicycle is a lot more likely to get nicks and dings, which really is a problem with a unicycle. I think it would be fine for a cruiser, racer or 36er, but the first time you fall off a 5 set of stairs and that thing so much as feathers the concrete, and you get a ding, the strength will be compromised.

People also never seem to realize that carbon can be made much thicker than it usually is, which would help a bit as well. I imagine they would do that for a uni frame, lest there be too much flex to work with.

Then again, prove the doubters wrong.

what doubters? you can break anything if you try hard enough :stuck_out_tongue: