koxx Breaker!!!

Well here is a vid I made a lil while back, its got some of my footy from Shauns vid, a clip of me doing a 540 unispin off a bench, and snapping a frame doing a 360 unispin off a table, along with other unispinnin footy, enjoy yallz!

I want to see that, can you put that on the gallery or on video google?


hey, after the unispin off the table you uni reminds me on the unicycle.tv logo. I’m sure that was your plan! haha - nah that sucks really!
The video is cool, nice unispins :slight_smile:

Haha “my koxx is broken” :smiley:
Cool vid.
You sure like unispîns, do you :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, keep riding.


dang, your good! i like your unispins, their nice and smooth…
keep it coming

Hahahahaha! I loved it! “Foot to torker!”:smiley:

I love this video.

You seem to be the Unicycling version of mine and Dumpweed’s friend Nate, except you’re good a Unicycling and he sucks at biking… but he breaks stuff all the time, just like you seem to be known for breaking frames.

lol i thought u’d broken the koxx1 frame but in fact it was the same torker clip that i’d seen before… anyways thats a very cool video… and the torker bit will always be funny.

Wow, nice video.

It looked like u racked yourself pretty hard when you broke your frame

Wow you’re awesome. What uni is that w/ the silver frame?

THANKS GUYS!!! Lol yeah I was reading some old thread last night and found how many posts were made about me breaking stuff lol. But that sivler frame uni was my old moded Dx trials :smiley: Its now with a bent hub and crankset, 7 broken spokes(spokes not nipples), the cranks have been snapped off, but its hte net one on now lol, the seat post is lookin a lil bannanaish ;-), the frame is in 3 peices, and there is still happy birthday stickers on the seat!!! lol

Uh oh!! There on to me…shifty eyes


This is his torker…

your vid put a tear in my eye so sad i dont like sad endings why torker have to die lol

HAHAHHAHAHAH!!! Well it was defective son…I had to put him down…im sry, the torker had to die…itl be ok, Santa will bring a new one, according to a poll i just read hes real :smiley: !!!

I’m following u i’m ur new stalker well thats what it seems like today, must be nice santa not bring me one this year and it not like i want much just a new hub and crank but santa hates me i guess i shouldnt have made him those special cookies 2 years ago

Lol well my usual stalkers are girls but whatev :-D. Well the last time Santa Got special cookies he woke up newyears talkin to the easter bunny in my backyard! But I need a lot of parts for x-mas but I got a new cell phone lol, and I still have to pay my old bill of 160 bucks hahahaah dang girlfriends man, lol well if you feel like stockin me even more go to my myspace…

i’m already there shift eyes

Hahahhaha now your scaring me :smiley:

need something to do sitting and looking at myself in the mirror scaring myself getting old