KH36 for sale

Hi, I’m selling my old KH36 since I upgraded to a newer disc-brake one.
$400 NZD ono
Fusion freeride saddle
Nimbus shadow handle and seatpost - comes with unused/uncut straight handle as well as curved handle pictured.
KH moment 125/150 cranks
KH moment hub
New pedals that came off my replacement uni - I prefer my OneUps!

I can post more detailed pics, just ask.
Pick-up from S Canterbury, or can ship within NZ.


Good on you! Just a thought, I reckon you’d get more than $400 NZD if you sold internationally.

All people need to do is change the moments for spirit cranks (or change the hub which is admittedly, more work) and add a d’brake attachment and then they could add a disc brake.

As for me, my legs are too short for this setup, :frowning: and I have problems leaping up onto the 36er to mount!
Otherwise, it’s a good buy for whoever buys it :slight_smile:

Thanks Gockie, great tip. I think I may have a d’brake adapter in the shed… somewhere. Can’t promise I’ll find it, but if I can I’ll throw that in too :slight_smile:

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Although this is true, it’s really not a great option, especially for larger wheels. If they don’t just break outright, brakes have a horrible habit of vibrating and never really working optimally when mounted on one.

True, but I wouldn’t want to cut the frame.
Maybe my 36er mounting ability has improved… and maybe it hasn’t I don’t know. I owned one for a while and my freemounting abilities on it really sucked, mainly because I couldn’t get enough upwards movement to get to vertical over the wheel

I’ve mounted a d’brake to 2 unis in the past, a 36er and a 29er. Both seem to work perfectly fine.

Agree with @mowcius that you should beware of the dBrake for long term use. The vibration can be pretty nasty and you don’t want it failing catastrophically on a 36er. Note than UDC have started selling dBrakes with antivibration brackets so it’s a recognised problem.

I had two unis with dBrakes and ended up ditching them and welding brake mounts to the frames instead.

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Oh man I would totally buy this if you could ship it to the US (I’d pay of course). :frowning:

You should list this higher unless you’re in a hurry to sell. I bought my KH36 for $700 AUD without handlebar but did have disc brake and I considered that a bargain. I’ve also seen another KH36 sell in Au for $800 too with T-Bar so definitely list it higher.

How about this solution, similar to something @Eric_aus_Chemnitz made (but I can’t find his photos somehow):

Yeah, it’s possible to brace it, and as mentioned UDC have started including a brace with the dBrake.

I tried out a similar setup for a while but it made removing the wheel a pain and just felt like a half baked solution.

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You can find even more Pictures of different frames with Hugo Strut in this thread:

With this, using the d’brake shall cause no problems.

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I don’t quite understand this. Is the idea that you screw it into your frame? I’d have expected some kind of clamp to go around the frame leg.
Edit: just saw the picture with the cable tie…

Just don’t make it out of super thin walled steel… I ended up making about 5 before managing to get hold of a suitable replacement frame and ditching the d’brake.

Any chance you’d reconsider shipping international? I would love to buy your unicycle if possible!

Hi, I can check out how much the shipping would cost… just let me know where you’d like it sent to and I’ll get a quote. Thanks.

Hey I’m in Richmond Virginia, US 23225.

Well, I thought it was going to be expensive, but wow, the cheapest quote I got was $670 NZD! :flushed:

Well I certainly appreciate you looking into it haha! Happy Halloween :slight_smile:

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