KH24 vs. Wilder 6160c ?

Probably opening up a can of worms with this one but I couldnt find any posts that really talked much about the comparison of these two top manufacturers so here goes…what are the opinions (pro’s and con’s) of a kh24 vs. a Wilder 6160c ? Which is more durable, lightest, highest quality, has better components, etc? …Fire away!

The Wilder preceeded the aluminum KH by easily 2 years. The KH is better. Never mind that the wilder frame is no longer made (Scott Bridgeman hand made them in new Jersey, so when he left the sport, so did the frame manufacture).

What makes the KH better? The fact that it’s probably lighter? Better for one-footing? has brake mounts? … oh.

But the Wilder is a rare collectible!

That’s about what it boils down to. At the time they were made, the Wilders were exotic hand-built beauties, and the only way to get an aluminum frame. They’re still great for the first reasons, but the market caught up and now there’s few good reasons to pay three times as much for a hand-built unicycle if it’s not much different from the manufactured ones.

Seems like the wilder would be best for pure muni because of the round crown.


Stronger, perhaps? But that’s all a matter of build quality as well as design. I know there’s quite a bit more metal (and labor) in the Wilder frame, but it’s still really light. I love the way it looks, and don’t consider one-footing a priority on a MUni frame. :slight_smile:

Pictures of mine when it was new

YOu could say that, but what has a KH crown done to make it a bad muni crown? I mean I dont know anyone who complains about constantly hitting legs or something on the flat crown.


Light, strong aluminum frame that has been tested in the worst conditions.

Strongest rim (arguably)

Strongest hub/cranks (arguably)

Now has jimmy C pedals (great wide pedals for Muni, Street, or anyting)

NOw has double drilled cranks available if you want

Total weight = 14.8 lbs

Price - $575 @


Light frame, hasn’t been tested as hard as the KH frame.

Frame is an older design

Profile hub and cranks (considered 2nd to the KH and others, and they’re heavier)

Sun Double wide rim is OK, but the KH rim is wider wich should help tire foldage better than The Sun.

Total weight = 15 lbs

Price - $1449 @

The KH is in my opinion twice as good as a Wilder and less than half the price of the Wilder.

I rest my case.

Wow, you haven’t been around lately.


going for looks, I just love the look of the hunter frames.

get the kh wilder is tree times as expensive and not as good




Wilder VS KH

If you are a rich bastard and need to boost your ego by having a unique Unicycle by all means forget about starving chinldren in Africa nad buy the Wilder!

The main reason why I bought my KH24 2007 was because I was constantly banging the insides of my knees on the top of the ONZA 24 crown. KH has eliminated this by curving the fork in just a little bit right before the weld. Keep in mind that one footed pedaling totaly increases your Muniing abilities and it is a pleasure puting the unused foot on the top of the KH 2007 roughened crown!

Oh I almost forgot about the 47mm wide rim, the comfortable saddle the Moment ISIS cranks and hub and the rail adaptor among other things.

Buying a Wilder would be like buying an OLD clasic Cadilac. You will get a lot of attention but the more modern KH will be able to outperform you.


Something every rider should be reminded of, The uni accounts for less than 1% of your skills and abbilitys.

But 99%* of your limitations…

Kevin McMullin

*note this is not an actual statistic

Muni Type and Skills.

What you say is very true Evan. However getting hit on the inside of your knee is not fun. Just think of what you would rather have out in the trails, an older Wilder or a brand new KH 2007? A 57 Caddy or a 2007 Corvette?
Same rider with a better more modern MUni will be able to ride farther in the same amount of time, have less UPDs and less bruises on the insides of the knees and/or less rippage on the leg guards.
By the way another great thing with the Moment cranks is that they are shiny and it is easy to know where your pedal is when mounting in the dark.


And those are the results.

What about the DMs and the Hunters?

I have always classed the DMs, Hunters, Dirt Unis and Wilders together in the same class. Quality hand build Unicycles. When I got into Unicycling a year and a half ago they were still top of the line. Dirt Uni had some special features that set it apart somewhat. I would class the KH 2005 at about the same quality level at about a third of the price. Now the KH 2007 is much better.

It was news to me that Scott Bridgeman Wilders are not being produced any more. Eugene Cathcart has also stopped manufacturing the Dirt Uni. What about Hunter and DM? Are they still being manufactured?
Any news about what happened to Dirt Uni and how many of them were actually manufactured?


Rick Hunter is still making the Hunter frames, although I’m not sure how much production he does. My guess is he’s making more 36" frames than 24" these days. The DM Vortex is no longer made, and I believe DM is no longer making unicycles of any type.

I love my Hunter 24.

I think the Nimbus is going to hurt Hunter36 sales. Of course, his core business is bicycles, so it’s not like he is going to go out of business. I’d imagine as long as he has a shop he’d be willing to make unicycle frames.

Yes, the KH line has come to replace the Wilder/Profile combo, though the later still remains a classic, perhaps the first world-class Muni set up in terms of technology. I wish mine (in that picture Josh posted) was still in one piece.


For the sake of picture arguments:

(I would want a wilder because they look so much cooler than kh’s, and I would’nt be able to break either.)