KH 20 rim question

I noticed the other day that my unicycle was making popping noises so when i went to check it out it seems that on the outside most park of my rim it seems to have started peeling off. sorry i have no pictures to show but if you start at the tire the very first part of the rim (the rim of the rim) where there is that indent it is peeling off. is this a cause for immediate concern or do i have a while before i have to do something about it?

which kh20 do you have, which rim is it?

Is it the metal peeling, or something else?

The rim is the Kris holm 19" trails rim, and it is the metal peeling from what looks like the tire pushing out from it.

If you are describing what I believe you are, that was an issue with a batch of KH rims a while back, there was a groove in the rim which made maguras make a sound when they needed to be replaced but it weakened the rim and a lot of people had the outer edge breaking off. I’m pretty sure they were getting them replaced without a cost as manufacturers defects.

i never heard of this so you might be right but why would you have mags on a trials. i think your thinking of the 24 in rims

all of the KH rims were made with the groove I believe, ill find some posts.

EDIT: here is a more direct link to what Kris had said about the rim '06 KHs - #43 by danger_uni I was wrong about it being to make a sound, but was right about them being replaced.

It is discussed there. There are photographs, is that doing the same thing as your rim?

Yea thats exactly whats happening with the groove, good thing i found out i can get it fixed for free. Thanks everyone