KH 20" Is it worth the money?

I am torn between getting a new uni and not. Its alot of money to me and im not sure how much it will improve my uni skilz. I have a 24 inch torker dx right now and I really like trials and street. I got my 24 before I knew really what I wanted to ride. So help me out. Is it worth the money?

Definatly worth every penny (or uh cent), you wont be dissapointed. I Definatly think you should go for it, it is a mean trials/street machine.

i agree with sp4rky-m4rky you should got for the Kh 20 you can`t get better unicycle!

if it were me i would wait for the nimbus isis trials to get back in stock…


Its not as light, you will always wish you had gone with the KH, you will come to believe that the extra weight is holding you back and end up forking out more money.


While I don’t have this particular unicycle, I have two other KH unicycles and I cannot imagine you being disappointed in the product. I love the KH unicycles I have…high quality, good looking, and durable.


In comparison to the Nimbus ISIS + KH cranks in my opinion it is not. Nimbus ISIS is the way to go unless you can find some super deal on the KH to bring it sub $400.

okay. so If I ordedred everything kh except the frame would it all work out good? like everything fit?

The KH over the nimbus:
-KH has a wider rim at 47mm. This makes a very big difference for tire folding, and bounce. When I ride a dx32 rim, it feels like shit.
-KH has a quality alluminum frame. It is around 250 grams lighter than the cromo nimbus frame. 19" KH frames are always being snatched up quickly in the FS section for a reason. This frame kicks ass.
-KH is more expensive.

Ask yourself these questions:
Am I getting serious into unicycling?
How many hours will I spend riding compared to other expensive hobbies out there? (Look at $5000 mountain bikes)
Will a top of the line unicycle make me more confident in myself?

If you answer yes, I would go with the KH. If you are content to not dish out the extra cash and still enjoy riding, by all means get the nimbus.

Happy Christmas and uni riding!

If all components are KH, the frame that you put on should have a 27.2mm compatible frame with 42mm bearings and being able to fit 19". Older frames, such as hunters, had 40mm bearings to fit profile hubs.

Thank you guys. can you look at my newest video danni and see if I could be good enough to justify getting a kh. I mean i dunno what you could tell but it sure could help.

I watched your latest vid. You are running a DX24".
I rode trials for a year on a 24", with a pretty slow learning curve. I then went all out and blew all my savings on wicked nice uni. It is much much better at trials that the 24". I learned faster on the 20". I think that if I had ridden a 20", I would be better now. It depends what you want to do as a main style.

If you want to stick to the 24", that’s cool. Just look at amazing street riders like jkohse, who run 24".

For skill, you’re good enough. If I see that you can barely ride, than the KH is not for you. You’re gapping stairs, doing trials lines etc, then I would suggest it.

Alright thanks dude. I would really like to stay into trials and street. thoise are the two main thints I really like to do. thank you for all you help.

i disagree, i think you get used to your unis weight, the only advange the kh has over the nimbus is the frame…if it were me id takethe extra money that you would be spending on the frame and pick up a cf base…much better value…and if you wanna nice frame you might as well go all out and pick up a triton

I dont have that kind of dough.

yes but i was just using an example that there are better frames than kh’s out the (dont get me wrong KH frames are awesome) but if your going to spend the money i would want the best deal i could get, (nimbus isis w/moments and cf base) and if i really hated the frame(which you probably wont if youve been riding a dx) then just save ur money and get the best

I’m up for anything I just dont want to have to upgrade in the future, you know what I mean? I want to save money in the long run.

well if thats the case you have to decide what you would like more, the lightest frame (i dont really think thats an amazing upgrade) or a cf base (considered the best upgrade to anyunicycle by many street and trials riders)

Okay good point but I really dont know much about cf base and Ive heard that you must get a cf handle to go along because of the added stress that a cf base outs upon a plastic handle. ?