JWS. John Wayne Syndrome

JWS. John Wayne Syndrome,
the long and short term damage to the inner thigh on one or both legs. it is caused by friction between the bottom edge of a unicycle seat and inner leg during the riding prosses of a unicycle.

it is called JWS because suffers of JWS walk like John Wayne (remember the cowboy who walked with his legs, like totaly so far apart) its a term used within my uni-circle

both my inner thighs (below my nuts) are red raw coz of my seat, do other uni- users get this , or is it just me. i can post pictures if you wish

It goes away after you get used to riding.

please no pics

No it does not. I still get it. It happens on long rides, anything over like…6 miles I get chaffed, I get sore when doinga lot of trials, from pulling the seat in and out.

People will say to wear spandex bike shorts, but it does not help. I get ‘rubbed’ lower down than the stretchy shorts go.

yeh, its the bottem corners of the seat, but a imagin if the sharp andle is slowly curved, it would reduce this area of chaving,
i mite try designing an uba-comfy seat, and get my local fabrication company to cad cam it, thing it may catch on?

Wearing good bike shorts is a good first step. Then it depends on your seat I guess. Some are more “edgy” than others. Also some are wider than others. Riding regularly will help, as your legs will get used to it. But on extra-long rides, or extra-sweatty rides it can still affect you.

For those having problems, describe your shorts and seat for further advice.

happens to me… i think its more about being careful when pulling the seat in and out… doesnt happen to me on long rides though… it just kinda deal with it…


Yes, please do. I only have problems with this when I haven’t ridden in a while. I ride with both shorts and pants, and sometimes jeans. Then again, I ride with my seat high, and low foam–doing primarily seat-out riding for long periods of time.

Good name! After hours of hockey on an unfamiliar (and nasty and yellow with a Viscount seat) unicycle at kidderminster, my friends back at uni were making cowboy jokes for a couple of days. Baggy trousers and not having ridden for a while are the two factors that seem to make it inevitable. And if you’re doing something like hockey then I find you don’t notice the pain until you’ve practically worn down to the bone.

So less baggy trousers and more boring unicycling would seem to be the answer.

you get used to it, and eventually it doesn’t happen anymore, except on reeaally long rides. and sometimes not even then.

You could also try some chafing lotion, they make stuff specifically for that. Also bike shorts help a good deal, and generally being more careful, as has been stated above. Obviously, sometimes it will be unavoidable, but it’s just one of those things you end up needing to deal with at times.

oh yes, unicycle.com has some BUTTer I believe its called…you should be able to get it from your local bike store too.

I am a terminal sufferer of JWS.

I ride on an old KH seat (not fusion). They are big and very curvey. It makes going to seat out (and hopping a little) very annoying.

I ususally wear denim jeans which don’t help me.

I was hoping that it would go away over time and I would grow another layer of skins or something but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Sigh.

Advice? Get a smaller seat and stop wearing denim?


yeh, ill post some pics of my seat, i gota a cheepy ebay unicycle for around 45 quid. i gues your bound to get JWS with that…

oh,and do you think jWs is a good term for this problem.

Only time will tell.

One thing that’s worth trying is zinc oxide cream. AKA Diaper rash cream. This is availible at most drug stores (i know they have it at shoppers drug mart)

It’s a very thick white cream, which tends to get onto all your clothes, and smells bad, however it works well for that chaffed / rash thing one tends to get.

This past summer i was working at a mountain bike camp (riding 3-6 hours a day 5 days a week) and then i’d usually ride trials uni at night. Throughout this i devellopped the worst rash i’ve ever had. first time i got it to go away with the above mentioned cream. however after this it came back, so i blasted the area with something call “deitol” which is a pretty strong disinfectant medical liquid stuff. It burned really badly, but by standing up more when i rode (i ride single speed so not a huge issue), and simply walking to trials spots, then riding seat-out all the time, i eventually healed :slight_smile: .

I hope this wasn’t to much detail for you, but i though i’d share in hope of people benefitting from my experience.

-Ryan Atkins

Deitol or Dettol?


I’m finally starting to get good enough to ride for a while without really getting tired, and as I’m working on hopping, the seat rubs my leg a lot, and I’m starting to get chafed…I’m getting bike shorts tonight though so that will help a lot

The denim material usually isn’t so bad, but denim pants usually have seams running down the inside of the leg. That’s the problem because denim seams can be really thick.

i have started wearing cycling shorts and it has reduced the problem.