JCP unicycles

Some interesting new products I found.

I like the frame on the 20" unicycle, it’s like a mini nimbus 36" frame, except backwards.

I sent them a message asking about the 20X3" knobby tire they have on their 20" Muni.

I don’t think it looks like a 3" wide tire but I will let you guys know what they say.

I’m betting the tire on the 20 is a Luna

Impossible (or extremely difficult) to wheel walk. Round crown frame. Not much of a freestyle frame for a “freestyle” uni, is it?

Just turn the frame around and it would be like a double crown.


is their 36 new or are they just selling on cokers?

other than that it looks like the usual crap, except that intriguing double frame freestyle, which looks to me very like a stock frame with that extra piece welded on (note poor weld quality on additional pieces and the way they join to the frame rather than the bearing holder)

No clue, but those unicyles look sketchy!

I asked them what brand of tire they were using and if it really was 3" wide on their ‘20" Muni’

They responded to my question with a non-answer here it is:

From the above, it sounds like they may or may not be using the same factories/production as some other unicycle makers. My guess is possibly a mix of both. That funky imitation Hunter frame is pretty interesting, though apparently pointless. :slight_smile:

Also they mention “some jugglers” rather than any unicyclists, which suggests they do not have much of an R&D arm. Certainly performers are mostly going to want skinny (regular, old school) tires. But if they’re marketing to jugglers we need not take them seriously.

But if more companies are willing to have a go at the unicycle market, it means there must be a market there, which is always a good thing. Keep 'em coming!

Their is a company in China manufacturing 36" unicycles now. I know of at least one that is doing it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if their are others. It is actually surprisingly easy to have your own unicycles manufactured, if you are willing to buy enough of them. If you speak some Mandarin, it’s even easier.

You can even get imitation miyata seats, or the real ones.