What in the heck is this?

This Ebay sale for a 36er I found seems a little odd to me.

I mean, look at that thing. It looks like the bottom half is a 29er or something, enlarged and photo shopped with a regular size seatpost and seat. Just look at how long the cranks are. If that really is a 36 inch wheel, those cranks must be like 250mm.

Apparently this is a custom manufactured 36er made by JCP (Juggling and Circus Products Corp.). Here is their website, but it is under construction. I guess this is the old one. No signs of a 36er in the unicycle section.

It seems unlikely, but do we possibly have another 36er manufacturer in the making, or is this bogus?


Edit: Just found this thread. If they actually have 36ers manufactured in China, why does the product image look so 'shopped?

yeah i found that on ebay too, looks kinda sketchy

Thats exactly what I said in the other thread!:stuck_out_tongue:

Totally sketchy indeed, but I really want to know if these unicycles exist.

I think Nathan would tell me that they do as he has some information on at least one Chinese manufacturer making 36ers.

looks kinda like jamey’s seatposts

My guess is that they don’t have the actual product on hand. If someone buys it, they will have the product built and shipped to them directly from China.

Just looks like the original coker “big one” to me with 150s. You can see the grey “big one” sticker on the frame and that looks like the button tread. I say the frame and wheel are legit but they shopped on the saddle and seatpost.

there are more company’s that let make 36 inch unicycles for them.

i bought mine at a shop in the netherlands who imported themself.
the price was only 170 euros so a very good deal.
at the time it was just the same as a standard coker but with TA tire.

  • point
    spoke tension was bad still have to fix it
    the bearings seem to be cheap

otherwise a great unicycle