Is this good for flat?

Or just strictly for freestyle? I don’t want a big knobby tire…

Oh and I did use the search function before posting this…

Depends on the type of stuff you like to do. The long frame may get in the way if you like to do lots of seat-in hopping. But that depends on how tall you are in relation to the frame size. The tire is excellent for indoors and still great outdoors, but it’s not a high volume one, so it has to be kept relatively hard to keep the rim off the ground. If you’re doing lots of landings you may want a fatter tire.

But if you are indoors, That’s a great one. Most of the big knobbys are floor markers, so this may be better for you.

nice avatar John LOL

ahh, the downfall of the forums… repeated questions that have been answered and can bot be found.

I see that you keep bringing up this topic in different places. If you are truly interested in flatland go read the “flat discussion thread” from start to finish… long I know, but still very doable. Once you get through the 30 or so pages you will have every possible answer to your flat questions… and if not, you will be at the end of the thread which tends to be the perfect place to ask more questions.

In the future the Unicycle Lab will be more of a resource for Street and Flat FAQ, as well as a basic learning center.

The Qu-ax freestyle cranks aren’t very good for flat…

For crank rolls, my favorite cranks are actually the United cotterless cranks. They aren’t strong at all, but they roll nicely I think.

Thanks, but the reason why I asked in 3 different places was I never got an answer. People kinda went over my question in the flat discussion thread. I’ll read more of it. I did read the first few pages of it. I’ll keep an eye out for uni lab.

Ok…so I was thinking after doing some research…

With the KH moments and rollodisks.

From reading the flat thread it seemed like people that have a trials uni use it for doing flat/trials and street. I’m not real interested in trials or street.

it would work just slap on some moments and rollos and your golden

You got an answer from me above. If the answer was incomplete it’s because your question was incomplete. Want to know more? Ask more. But do read the Flatland thread because I’m sure you’ll pick up lots of info there.

But in the end, if you want us to pick a unicycle for you just put up your candidates and you’ll get plenty of opinions.

Same image a little larger