Flat Discussion Thread

I searched for one of these and cant find one so why not start one, discuss

-definition of flat
-tricks you can and cant do
-were you would like to see things go
-just stuff

i want flat to move to more of a crankrolly kind smooth and flowy kind of genre…also with strong freestyle unis

I wouldnt mind some tips for flat… I wanna get into it but find it really hard.

We’ve had strong freestyle unis for a long time now. =p

I like flatland though, its pretty interesting to watch, and it seems to be one of the more popular styles to ride. I see much more interest in flatland the street now, when not long ago, street was what everyone was doing.

stuck a new type of varial roll yesterday.

nothing that impressive just a good trick to add in on combos. the trey is just totally random


-jon A

two questions,

  1. what is flat, (I’ve seen videos but it all looks like street to me.)

  2. can you do flat on a trials uni

Street is a lot of flips and unispins, and variations of the two. Also uses obsticles like in trials, so a lot of tricks can be done onto and off objects. Also there is spining and grinds. Cant forget about those.

Flat doesnt have the cranklip variations. Flat has a lot of crankrolls and varials, and spins in it, and an combinations of those and some more stuff. Flat is very fluid and the tricks can be linked into each other and can make for one nice long line. Its like flatland biking, but on a uni, so there are some freestyle moves in there too.

And yes, you can do flat on a trials uni, if you watch the videos, aobut all of them are doing flat on a trials unicycle.

well there are differnet deffinitions of flat, mine is basically street without the drops and sets, its more flowy and defined

and yes you can do flat on a trials uni…cept most trials cranks suck for it

-edit-jerrick hit it right on the head, i think that crankflips are flat and can look good, i am kinda into a street/flat combo i think my riding looks pretty unique

wow :astonished: sounds like a superdy-duperdy good time

sick vid, fresh hoodie. ive got one like that.

i would like someone to put together a list in which order to learn flat tricks…

i can alread do full wraps and legwraps and double leg wraps…but now i dont know were to go, outside rolls, inside rolls rolling wraps? i just dont know

would anyone play a flatland uni tricks game if one was started?

I would try, I dont know to many tricks yet. Sound like fun tho.


haha so when i wrote that i had every intention of starting one.
but it snowed last night and when i went out to shovel off the drive
way there was tons of ice under the snow. ill try and start one here
sometime or if anyone else wants to start one that would be cool.

jon A

It would be nice to have flatland evolve into longer combos of tricks.

Like when I look at FL BMX. They dont do a small trick then start pedaling, then do another. Its a long combo.

Flat would look cooler if it could be transformed into something of the sort. I have to give props to all the flat riders out there though. One trick alone is mad hard, let alone a whole combo. Just a thought.

Yeah that would be cool but it would be easier on a bike since they coast. They can make one trick go on for a long distance where we are pretty much limited to one rev per single roll trick because of the cranks. Flat combos are getting longer and it looks cool. Flat is still really new and its progressing fast so I think eventually the combos will get much longer.

so really all flat unicycles need is another wheel:D

I always firmly believe that many people are looking at flatland in the wrong way. To many people flatland is: do anything on flat ground or even off small stairsets… that technically makes me a flatlander in their eyes then… well, anyone is a flatlander then… haha…

Unicycle disciplines are like mirror images of their bike counterparts… I mean look at trials… muni… street… respectively: biketrials, mountain biking, and BMXing.

Flatland in unicycling is derived from flatland BMX. The key to flatland BMX is all about flow. Look at how they ride? They pretty much always keep at least one wheel on the ground rolling and do a truck load of rolling balance tricks. You don’t see them doing street BMX tricks like bunnyhop-barspins or bunnyhop-tailwhips in normal circumstances because they are considered street tricks. Thus doing crankflips off curbs and 3 sets are not flatland. It’s in the name for pity’s sake: FLAT… LAND… therefore all of it is done on a flat plain of land. As shown in the following picture:

Most ‘flatland’ riders and ‘flat’ videos are just mini-street. The only riders capable of true flatland that I have see so far are: Spencer Hochberg, Arthur Caron, Loic (to some extent), Xavier (to some extent). There are more out there, but I haven’t noticed yet, apologies.

Spencer especially as he sees flatland in the proper light: i.e.: about balance tricks, flow, no hops. Sure, him and Arthur do crankflips and street tricks in their vids as a mess-around, but in the serious flatland parts… they are fully capable of doing impressive balance combo tricks, which many so called ‘flatland’ riders don’t ever do. Flatland vids are quite monotonous sometimes i.e.: unispin, pause, hop hop hop, doubleflip, hop hop hop, 180 crankflip, bail, hop hop… Where’s the flow? Where’s the balance trick combos?

I know a lot of so called ‘flatland’ riders will think I’m an ‘ignorant trials dick’ that knows nothing about flat… but hey… read what I typed out above and think about it. I’m all for unicycling to evolve into something truly impressive… partly the reason why I took the effort into creating the Triton Sponge titanium frames. I take a genuine interest in seeing things grow and evolve in the right way and I like contributing to it by helping to un-cloud some people’s opinions and judgments.

Someone PLEASE prove me wrong about the general ‘flatland’ scene in unicycling and bang out a proper video taken from the mold of Spencer and Arthur’s continuous rolling balance trick combos. Because to me and many many others, it is just mini-street right now. No crankflips or stairsets please. Just balance, rolling, and flow. No hops. BMXers generally laugh at us, especially at flatlandevery BMXer or friend of mine that sees ‘flatland’ unicyclign they say: “what the hell, how is that flatland… it’s bunch of sketchy street tricks with no flow”. I agree with them 100% to be brutally honest. Let’s see flatland move in the right direction… go and watch Spencer’s vids on youtube and try and learn his balance combos. I’d be FAR more impressed to see people doing 20 second clips on youtube doing one balance combo consisting of crankrolls, legwraps, tyre-step overs etc… rather than a 5 minute video of crankflips off 2 sets and curbs.

On a less critical note: Anyone reckon they could do megaspins on unis?
^My idea of it is: Get in a donkey kick position, but instead of kicking the tyre backwards, do continuous backwards scuffing of the tyre as if you are doing backwards standing 1-foot wheelwalks, but spin in a circle whilst doing it. I chatted about this with Spencer, and sure it is damn hard in theory, it would be sweet if someone pulled it off.


i landed a rolling wrap finally. I can do backrolls sometimes.

@spencer/jon how long did it take you guys to get rollingwraps/backrolls consistant?


@jon-do you ride 125mm moments or 137mm moments?

I learned rolling wraps and backrolls a couple weeks ago, they are great fun.