Custom Nimbus's

I wish you could get the t7 handle in any other color the that darkish red…can kinda see it clashing with some other colors

nothing fancy kh cranks red rim stripes

Just got the frame and seatpost for my 26" powercoated. It’s a mix of parts now, but started it’s life as a Nimbus.

Nice looking uni except for the color choice.

I really liked the colors choice of yoour uni. I’m just not a fan of the frame shape.

does anybody use a round crown for flat, whch tricks really are done on the crown?

I do flat and street and if UDC still sold the round crowns I would buy one.

The main tricks are: Donkey walk (and donkey glide), Donkey kick (donkey hick, donkey trey, and other variations) and 1 foot sideways wheel walk

Also there are: stand up wheelwalk, coast, glide, 1 foot wheel walk

Also check out the flat discussion thread!

I wouldn’t recommend it. It would limit the number of tricks possible a lot.

Wow that looks awesome, realy nice. Quite a narrow looking rim though?

I think the colours look realy good, I love that green and just genrally the whole colour combo.

Your just stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. Yes, the rim (Mavic D521) is pretty narrow. I was thinking it wold be a little wider when I got it, and there are times when I wish I had a bigger rim. Oh well, a year and a half later it’s still holding up strong. I mainly use that uni for riding to work and mildish muni. Being nice and light makes up for having to run higher tire pressure off road. I have a pair of Koxx 110mm cranks on my freestyle/street uni that I sometimes swap to the 26". That makes a nice ride.

Well when i kick the tire for rolling wraps my shoe usaully gets catches the frame( the part that sticks up(it’s a bedford by the way)) Oh yeah, you can get round crown frames for $25 and these are the trials frames.


hi im hotting up my 09 nimbus 24 inch muni i like it i might get one of those kh free ride rims like on the trials unis but ive been doin like 5 foot drops on it as it is and its alright ps r maxis hookworm 2.5s as good as the duro wildlife 3.0 for runnin low pressures cuz the hookworms are rated to 65 p.s.i. so i figured about 40 p.s.i. should be nice cuz with the duro i run about 25 p.s.i. and the rim flexes heaps it counter bounces me wen i land im borrowing a mates 20 inch 08 nimbus trials to learn on for the week mainly skinnys hops crankgrabs drops:D:):stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:

Is that a nimbus hightop? why would you have it on a trials?

No, does it look like a “high top?” Its called long neck, and no its not a long neck. It doesnt even resemble a long neck.

Pff. nice try sounding smart
He’s talking about the seat…which DOES look like a high top. Or an older nimbus or KH

Thank you.
I was not refering to whatever he was. so anyway why would you have a saddle that resembles a high top on a trials?

ShayCam or whatever was talking about the frame

New Frame in the mail and Pedals, ill keep it a secret.

didn’t work

what didint?

Are you going to paint that?