Street Discussion Thread.

I was so close to landing them today! but then I almost broke my seat so I stopped. I might go try again.

I’m starting to really become fond of late fakieflips. They just feel so nice.

Just felt like sharing.

I hope you break your seat >.<

i have break my seat today when i do a doubleflip from a step

hey street people :smiley: i was wondering how do i start learning all these awesome flat tricks? and where to start etc? sorry if i posted in the wrong thread

This will work much better for you,

Does anyone have any tips on how to do back sidespins?

Like the trick Adrien did in this video (with a crankflip)


and Stereim here

Is it easier to do an out version of it?

I never saw the trick Stereim did. That looks insane.


So far the way I have failed at is by starting the spin like I would do a 270 to SiB HoW. Then transfer hands and hurt myself trying to land…

edit: Haha, I just remembered that people thought that in the Keukly video (first vid), the trick had a backflip… Until someone (Chris H?) noticed it was a foward crankflip.

That’s not very nice now is it? :roll_eyes:

edit: and I’m definitely trying those backsideflips or whatever. They look rediculous.

Haha wow, I was thinking they would just be fulloutsidebackflips, which I would be able to give tips on :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to give that a shot.

Ooooooh cool. So its a leg around going the other way?? Thats awesome.

Edit: Nope nvm… Im totally lost.

Instead of the frontfoot wrapping backwards the backfoot wraps fowards… (with Stereim’s stance)

So I guess no one has any tips. I think I’m going to try an out version next time I try.

It’s ridiculously hard

edit: maybe i just didn’t try hard enough, but I wasn’t anywhere close…:o

hey i am trying to get into street and i think i should learn the crankflip seeing as it is the base of everything… i know there are a bunch of tutorials around but i figured i should ask here because you are all street riders and would know this stuff

every time i try to zero plant i jump off the uni and the cranks flip at about the pace i was riding at which is quite slow and deffinetly not fast enough for a full flip… i was wondering how to get this rotation because whenever i kick hard with my front foot it gets stuck to the pedal and i do a weird 1 footed half rev.

also… is it easier to unispin with a higher seat?
srry im such a noob haha:o

Oh wow… Yeah I gotta try this.

Yeah, all makes sense now :p:p

Looks so awesome. And I suck at normal sides, so maybe I’ll be good at this. Can’t wait to try, getting excited lol.

in my opinion it is easiest to learn to kick the cranks and bail before learning to zero plant as i think the zero plant really helps you more with landing the trick.

so basically what i’m saying, when you’re riding along as your pedals get to the desired flip position lean forward over the tire and put a lot of weight onto your front foot. then jump, keeping the pressure on the front foot, as your jumping take your back foot off the pedal and your front foot will kick the cranks. try to kick your foot out a little bit. it will help to prevent the one footed rev thing. when you get in the air just bail and then stop the cranks from spinning. the most important parts are leaning forward, applying pressure to the front foot, and jumping STRAIGHT up not out or back.

after you’ve gotten to the point where you can jump up kick the cranks a full rev or more every time you can either start trying to land it, or learn to zero plant if you’re having problems landing it.

hope that helps, o and i don’t really know about the unispin thing, i’ve never tried it with my seat high.

Just landed a few “back” sides. Time to add the spin.

Did you hold from behind? Bobousse called that a “reverse side jump” in Pink is the New Black.
I can get about 3/4 of a reverse side jump. It didn’t help much for me with the “back sidespin”

Edit: I almost got a Out(180) backsidespin to outsideroll the other day. Kind of easy, just messed up on the landing a bunch of times.