Flat Discussion Thread

How come my reflection has two wheels? :slight_smile:

The problem is, unicycles don’t coast well. Though you can stand on a front peg of a Flatland BMX bike and run off trick after trick, we don’t have a straight equivalent of that so there’s at a minium going to be more pedaling.

Don’t dispair, Flatland is still very new! New to the point that I don’t know of any competitions having been held yet, which kind of leads to the existence of no written rules. People are still hashing out what Flatland is all about, so it’s still kind of fluid.

One thing I think is fundamental to a proper Flatland performance would be flat land. No stairs, curbs, etc. Those would point it in the direction of Street. I also like the idea of flow being a component, though I don’t think it needs to be a strict rule. In fact I’d recommend the same thing for Street; having at least part of the performance be flowy, while other parts can be more hoppy.

Yeah that would be about right. :smiley: :smiley:


CFM 2007 Buthier had a Flat competition… in a very interesting format… Looked like a Break dance competition… I really liked the videos of the competition…

Some videos of this competition:
Flat Battles by Samiaul
CFM Battles Part 1
CFM Battles Part 2

I don’t know if this competition is oficial or no… But it’s a flat competition!


i ride 137s and am liking them alot

i dont really know how long it took to get them consistant. I can do them almost everytime though. the best way to get them consistant is just to do them a bunch every session. yeeeah thats kinda useless info though cause im guessing you could have thought of that…

Backrolls are pretty easy after like 2 days. im trying to get 2 and 3 backrolls in a row without hops consistant

i landed bigflips today yay

-jon A

Watching the sponsors that was token at either “Flatground” or the “BMX masters” in Koln; I’ve been to both.
And as that British ex-BMX’er from Pensilvania (who’s voice-over at Eurosport and ESPN) isn’t doing the mic there, and as the building is high, I’m sure it must me Amsterdam.

What do you think about Lutz’ “uncut”?

Last trick I spend time on to learn was “stand-ww bw sif in C”, the C’s are getting smaller, but certainly no spinning yet, and no rolling either.

I honestly dont see why crankflips can’t be accepted into flat. I mean, if you were to crankflip, to sideways wheelwalk, to crankroll, I dont see why the crankflip is looked down upon in that combo. It makes it that more interesting. Sure, the trick itself is a street trick, but it can be varied into so many combos in flat. I mean, Flatland itself shouldnt’ be core flat all the time. Its really the rider’s preference weather he/she is to crankflip, or crankroll, or do both for that matter in the same combo. As long as it flows, and the combo involves flat tricks, without straight up riding between tricks, it should be accepted as core flat. I mean, the unispin is used in street. Doesn’t mean that it isnt’ core street. The point im trying to make is that if you are to make a combo with flat tricks, it shouldnt’ matter what trick you do, as long as it flows.

         Example: Rolling Wrap to Backroll, To sideways wheelwalk, to monkey kick. 
          That should be considered pure flat. 

As long as you dont ride the uni regularly between the Sideways wheelwalk, and the monkey kick, is it not still a flat combo?

I think flips in flat if used right are really sick. for example in flatland i love combos like sideways wheel walk to wheel flip out and rolling wrap to hickflip and flips into rolls are sick.

People are saying that in flatland bmx they never leave the ground…ive seen them jump all over the place. maybe if ur looking at flatland as only rolls but i think that limits the sport waaay to much. its hard to define a style of riding thats so new and i think even when flat is established later you wont be able to just say this is what flatland is…its like trying to define street. People will always have different opions on what a style is supposed to be like so you can waste time discussing what flatland is i guess but i wont

-jon A

+1 I think flat out of all unicycling has the most room to grow. I think that different variations of flat will emerge.

I think there are some flip tricks that are basically only flat. Like a monkeyflip, ive only seen that put to use in street once, in luke collaltos pokemon vid. Just a treyflip i wouldnt call flatland. Do one into a crank roll or stand up ww and thats as flat as it can get.

this has been on my mind for a while, but I guess i forgot about it. I got reminded when I saw the “girraffe+pegs” thread.

Would you be able to do like flatland girraffe with pegs?

like push the wheel with your foot, and switch sides and what not.

…rather BC-uni!

I can tell you josue barreto (Puerto Rican) has a giraffe like that were instead of the pedals there are also pegs for you to hold onto with your hands. he can ride on the bottom pegs and pedal with his hands and he can ride stomach on seat using his hands to pedal (this won him the best trick competition in NAUCC 2003 in Minnesota).

quick question- i might have to replace my pedals (hopefully not too soon!) and i was just wondering what everyone else rides. I’m currently riding one wellgo pedal and the one that came originally with my onza trials. (first i broke the old right one once i learned crankgrabs, then i broke the new left when i started grinding rails!) i still like crankgrabbing and grinds, but i feel i’d like to focus on flatland as a niche now for me.

twisted pc’s

they were metal so they have given me a fair few knocks and bites, but having not really ridden much on plastics, i find it quite hard to make a comparative evaluation.

i suppose the Kpro Stimulatorz look ok- i may consider getting a pair of them.

yo, like noone is useing this trick in flatland and i think its got some potential for some sick combos. so i stuck it today(its really easy like 7 mins or something) and plan to put it in more combos in the future


jon A

looks sick- i shall try that soon!

got myself some twisted pcs and they are really nice!!

inward varial roll first trick in the vid…whose all doing them these days?

2nd trick in the vid=super sketch and awful looking

LMAO “thats very nice” “when do i get to say it” “you just said it”

but i had backrolls but then i went to rolling wraps and i cant do either now…and i just relized that i learned to sideways ww the rong way, now i cant do outside/insiderolls (i thought i would be able to)

jon can i just say im in love with the way you unispin…