Is Koxx-One gonna make more unicycles?????

I read in one of the albums that Yoggi has left Koxx-One due to relations with the bike company Koxx.
Does anyone know if they will make any new unicycles for 09 or ever at that?

Im sure they will.Theyll just find someone else to design theme etc

No they will not be.

Man, it would be nice if they would make more unicycles.

Not that I ride Koxx one… This just lowers the chance that I ever will :stuck_out_tongue:

are you sure?

Yah, could we maybe get some confirmation on that?

I sent an email to the guys at renegade to see if they have any info.

Kid, do you have any information here or are you just messing?

kidmuni happens to know alot about koxx one

Sorry, forgot to edit.

But I’m pretty sure they will not be.

Yoggi said they will not be upgrading or releasing any new parts.

They will just continue to make the parts and unicycles they already have.

I hope they continue making parts.


Not sure if the new guy in charge riders uni or not though.

by any strange chance do you know who is gonna take over?

Hope they will upgrade and do more unicycles, either Kh will grew bigger and make them to stop making unis beacuse they just have old parts :confused:

As someone who has actually been talking to Koxx themselves since Yoggi left, I know for a fact they are still developing products.

Two new rims with offset spokes, thinner and larger Butterfly pedals and a 32 hole trials hub are coming.

Pictures to come in issue 7…

a 32 hole trials hub sounds good
there are more trials rims with 32 holes and also moutainbike rims that are 32 holes


I don’t suppose you know whether they are going to be true ISIS this time around do you? :roll_eyes:

Might hold off buying a new hub just yet…

32 holes? I’m not sure if that’s a good deal!

In my bike trials I had lots of problems on 32 spokes… it’s definetely lighter, but weaker. For competition maybe it’ll work fine… But for hard training I’m not sure…

While I think that 36 spokes is preferable to 32 for trials and MUni you can get a lot of rims in 32 that you can’t get in 36.

Because of this the hubs will sell, and probably sell well.

It would open up a lot of new builds for 29ers :slight_smile: