Is Koxx-One gonna make more unicycles?????

Same for trials, but It’ll definetely break a lot more than 36 holes!

This post reminds me to extend my subscription.
But glad to hear K1 is still developing new stuff.


Does anyone know what Yoggi is planning on doing?

Is he going to start a new unicycle brand?

It should be interesting!


I think a 32h hub and maybe rims would only be good if every unicycle brand switched to that. I think unicycles should stick to 36h, or make it some official thing that all unicycles switch to 32h, but that would be quite an ordeal I think.

Those are my personal thoughts,


I’m guessing they’re still going to make 36 hole hubs…

I just got this email from renegade. Confirming that Koxx-One will still be shipping and receiving products both new and old. : )

"Yes Yoggi did quit. Koxx One is not going out of business. We will
continue to order from them periodically as we sell the stock on hand.
Some purchases will include their new stuff. "

Bob - Renegade Juggling

Four spokes isn’t exactly a huge amount of difference… I highly doubt that anyone would notice the weight or strength difference.

I would! If there is not a noticioable difference why they would make it?

A light wheel is WAY easier to flip…

I guess just to make the hubs more compatible with standard trials rims. I don’t really know much about it though. You’d hope that when they do that they’d change to real ISIS