Interview on TV3 last night

Hi just had an interview on TV3 in NZ last night.

Check it out:

I haven’t even seen it yet. Connection is very slow!


Great coverage! It’s always nice when unicycling is treated like a sport and not like kooky people doing kooky stuff. I think being a doctor helps!

I guess the world champion Marathon title helps too… :slight_smile:

They only diverted into the “oldschool” perceptions of unicycling for a moment with the girl kicking the cups onto her head. Anyone you know? Probably file footage.

Nice trophy case, BTW! Someday I want to put a bunch of medals into a deep frame or something…

Great interview Ken. Good luck at Unicon!

very respectable for the sport. Good job.

That was totally worth watching the 10 second internet-provider advert.

EPIC Congrats.

Fantastic job with the interview. You’re looking speedy…good luck!

Very nice spot, Ken. It’s funny how that news announcer has a similar accent to you – what a coincidence! :roll_eyes:

haha the vide loads befor the webpage

Cool…I’ve only just seen the video myself. The internet connection at the airport was too slow to watch on my computer.

Yes that plate thing was a bit odd, but otherwise I thought they got some good footage. I had to ride up and down my street quite a few times with them filming from the car. The Muni segment was from an interview they shot about 3yrs ago.

We arrived in Copenhagen last night after 26hrs flying and about 6hrs in transit…and missing a couple of bits of baggage. Luckily all the unicycles made it over. Had the opening ceremony today which was huge…I think someone said that there were 1500 unicyclists here.

Does anyone know how to grab that video off the website? which I use for youtube videos doesn’t seem to work.



yeah I agree, it is nice when we don’t look like freaks and taken seriously. And it’s a nice video too.

As for downloading this worked for me:
download firefox 3, and the download helper (there will be an option to download add-ons when the browser first opens)
when the video plays click on the moving bubbles and download the file
and the movie will be saved on your computer!

Come on, Ken. That was you kicking the bowls onto your head on that giraffe. Who do you think you’re fooling? Great interview and very positive footage. Your screen persona is very confident and articulate.

Hmm…I tried that but couldn’t get it to work. Are you able to email me the file?