What do you do for a living?

Here’s the question… what do you do for a living? Student? Mailman? Police officer? Accountant?.. Anyway I know we want to let people know that unicycling is not just for the circus so then who is it for? What kind of people ride? I saw gizmoducks thread Interview on TV3 last night (I do not know how to link) and saw what he does. Now what is your job? I"ll start:
Professional Photographer

Sorry to do this to you my friend. But it’s been done. :frowning:


Well, at least it answers your question/proves the theory that people who unicycle have jobs other then being in the circus. :smiley:

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Harry a.k.a HAZMAT

Even if this thread has already been done, I also earn a living through photography. What kind of photography is it that you do?

For the past nine months I have been following and shooting dance competitions all over the country and making a living that way. :slight_smile:

I too shall support the new thread.
I’m a software engineer.

I have a studio. portraits, weddings beach shoots and the occasional “model” stuff. I also do a considerable amount of sports photography. Basically whatever pays. It is amazing how once you get paid to do something that was once a hobby you don’t do it for fun anymore.

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Route sales.

i work at inatech. I pretty much do aroudn 15 minutes of actual work a day. The rest of my time is spent spacing out.

oh, heres a picture of me.

I help train racing sled dog’s

i’m a beach lifeguard (few more weeks anyways)
going to school to be an architectural engineer.