Inner Balance: Release Party (April 21, 2007)

Hey everyone, in order to get better, top end pro video projection and audio gear lined up, we had to push the date back…not to mention, giving the trails a little more time to dry up from the winter.

The release party will be Sat, Apr 21 at 5pm, (date is set in stone) with muni rides planned for saturday and sunday, there will be two skill level groups for those rides.
Inner Balance Trailer

Syosset Hall
20 Queens St
Syosset, NY 11791

Training Wheel Not Required will also be shown at the party.

There will be unicycling related (and non-unicycling sponsor related) door prizes and refreshments will be served. (Non-alcoholic)

Admission is $5, which includes a $5 discount towards the purchase of a movie.
You can pickup Inner Balance for $25, TWNR for $20, or both for $40. Each movie purchase includes one raffle ticket in the draw for a 36" Radial unicycle!

Please register for the event at so we can have a good idea on the number of people going

Also, if there are NY riders who would like to offer a place to stay for the night for anyone coming in from a distance, please speak up here.

This is going to be a blast!

Hello Brian,
The trailer looks great, can’t hardly wait for the release!

Wow JustOneWheel sure does have a BEAUTIFUL Site! Excellent!

Thanks man!

Do we have a time estimate for the Muni trails meet-up on Sat. 4/21? Say 10AM?

that sounds like a good time to me, adam is taking care of the offical ride times/places, and will let those details our when he has them

i just registered a few minutes ago :slight_smile: the guy cokering in NYC taught me how to uni hes awsome

Thanks Bml1293! and Welcome to the community.

By the way, nice height on your static hops today(picture attached).

Your rolling hops are enormous as well.

Keep up the great work!


Brett doing the hop.jpg

I’ve yet to meet the guy cokering in NYC, but he’s already taught me to ride that wheel more aggressively… thank you much!:slight_smile:

Yes, the Muni ride on Saturday will begin at 10:00am for a full day of MUni prior to the Release party.

This is going to be ONE action packed MUni ride with riders from all over the planet. Great trails for all wheel sizes and skill levels. As Brian mentioned, we will form a beginner group as well as an advanced group to remove stress from the ride.

Details to follow.

Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions (516)702-9807.

Don’t forget to register at before it’s standing room only.

Think about this:
Where can you go to see the newest cutting edge extreme unicycling DVD plus bonus footage (on big screen with pro audio)for $5, let alone using that $ towards the $25 movie purchase price and having a very good chance to ROLL out of the event with a brand new RADIAL 360???

There are also many great raffle prizes to be won.

Have fun on ONE!

Quote: Crashing

Wow JustOneWheel sure does have a BEAUTIFUL Site! Excellent!

Thanks Ken!


My pleasure.

Coker, there are no limits!

Have fun ONE!

… hang out with the coolest, funniest, and most fun person on this planet? No, I’m not talking about uni57 (although he’s up there). I’m talking about Brian “Sofa” MacKenzie. But wait, there’s more! His most WONDERFUL wife, “Mrs. Sofa”, will be there too (yes, that’s what he calls her). Besides, it’s worth at least ten hours of driving just to hear their funny Canadian way of talking, eh.



Some of us live a little ways away…

I can’t make the festivities, though, it sounds like a blast. If I put in an order to for Inner Balance, would I be elligible for the drawing, even though I wouldn’t be there? Though, it might be kind of wierd for someone to win the Radial and not be there.

If people could do this from far away places like Los Angeles, California, I would cover shipping, well errrrr, uhhhhhh, if I won.:slight_smile:

Your thoughts, please.


Nice! The giraffe guy owns…

The 36" drawing is for people attending the release party

edit: double post

Oh man, it’s snowing here, for this weekend. And I was just starting to get some regular riding in to build up for the day of muni and then the movie!

Can’t hardly wait! :sunglasses:

Me neither!

looking good, is it just me or will you have to pay for this vid? :thinking:

It’s a DVD release. If you don’t want to buy it, it’s $5 to come to the release (covers facility rental/food, etc) If you want to buy the movie, your $5 admission goes towards the cost of the movie. (and you are entered into a draw for a 36" uni)

TWNR will also be showing/available for sale there

edit: i see you are in the UK. don’t worry about the release party :slight_smile: will be carrying it