Injuries Suck!

I hate them. Does anyone else? I busted my ankle pretty badly today doing some grinds. Docter says i’ll be out for about 2 months. I’m really down about the big video, but I’ll just ride for the FLUCK video after I get better (I’ll will probably only be about a month and a half or so). I’ll still be good for FLUCK and everything, just a bit of an injury to hold me back. It sucks really badly but whatever.

-Shaun Johanneson

personally I love them.


Shaun, I myself am currently suffering from an ankle injury. Firstly, lets be thankful it didn’t happen while we were riding together and cause our funness to be shortchanged. Second, that sucks dude, everyone will miss your progressive riding. However, I’m sure that with optimism, you can get your ankle up and going fairly soon. Doctors don’t understand how tough we unicyclists are. Get better dude,

Kevin McMullin

No Shaun, that’s awesome, people love seeing injury clips. What sort of angle did you capture this at?

you know…with a couple of video cameras?

at least ONE video camera?


I’ve never gotten a “you can’t unicycle” injury since I started riding. The only scars I have are from MUni, though.

I always get injured, I unicycle, untill i can not walk in my house, well just a little before tht. Yea tht stinks, you wont be able to learn any new stuff, so wht did you do, twist it weird?

Shaun, you better get well, cause im coming up there no matter what :wink:
I hope by that time you will be back in the flow of things. Good luck and get better. :slight_smile:


P.S. I will do enough tech and big street for the both of us :wink:

Yep injurys suck ass.I broke my leg 3 years ago (6 months no riding), broke my arm on my bc last year (4 months no riding), dislocated my shoulder 3 months ago (no unicycling again.)

Hope you heal fast. Maybe wear a fat brace even after you rae healed?

I dont mind bruises and bleeding profusely, but I hate sprains… especially ankles.

If its a minor part of the body (ie wrist), its interesting to learn new tricks that dont use that body part.

new cast for extreme sports

i got a twisted ankle, 25 days ago. since them iam not riding.

but it is healing really fast. i hope i can ride in more 5-15 days


Ankle injuries really do suck. I have only ever had one ankle injury from a bad fall riding a skinny, wasn’t such a crash hot idea now that i think of it. I was lucky and mine healed in just a few weeks.

worst i had was an infected toe. Sounds trivial but it hurt so much when i was riding I just stopped completely to let it heal. It never ended up getting better until I went to the doctor to have a section of the nail removed to help healing (that was a few weeks ago). S you it kinda put me off unicycling all christmas break

injuries suck


Damn, I was really looking forward to having an injury. The trip to the hospital with sirens and the pure awe sparkling in the eyes of hot chicks when they see the cast and the stitches. My rating on the toughness scale increasing considerably(if that’s possible)…

But now I hear that you don’t like yours. How so? I always thought that injuries were the highlights of one’s sporting career. I’m confused.


ha i got +1ed

Nobody cares.

Stop making empty posts in RSU, for crying out loud!

Bummer… That sux Shaun…:frowning:

That must have been quite the bail to be out for 2 months… Hang in there…


keldridge, that pic of u in your avatar lookes like a bad bail too:D i mean your leg is twisted at a funny angle and youre cranks are bent! and that splat !
OHHHH to gruesome to think about!


make me!:stuck_out_tongue: