Injuries Suck!

I’ve bruised my ribs (again).

See? I’m making excuses for BUC already.


Enough said- injuries really suck. Along with Kevin and Shaun, another KH rider, David Hobbs, is also out with an injury. He was racing the Telemark Skiing World Cup circuit in Europe and flew 30 m through the air, off a jump, and landed on his back. He was really lucky- got out with 2 compressed vertebrae but nothing else. He’s out for the season though.

Get well soon you guys!


yes i hate them !
i broke(not bad just a little break) my little finger of my unicyclehand. no since 3 weeks doctor said that it should be finde this weekend

:frowning: :angry:

i think it’s really hard while injuries to stay motivated.

Can’t you hop anyway if you just put your lil finger off the side of the handle instead of on it? :thinking:

sure i can hop but that sucks and if i fall… i dont want to hurt my finger more

frankly I went through that… and the worst is that now it impairs me psychologically : My mind just refuses me to do some things for fear of injuring myself again :I have to turn it off if I want to perform some (very very simple and easy) tricks.:frowning:



30m thats pretty bad for a tele crash

Compete with Ivan at your own perel!

But hey, i’ll help you! :slight_smile:

Yeah, injuries bite. I broke my wrist and got a plate and screws in it. Now its 6 months later and it hurts every day, so I’ve got to get the plate removed.

yeah injurys suck.
woah kelly man, i watched that spring break video, and man you’re way awesomer now. tre-ing 4 is insane.
hope you get better shaun and kevin and whoever else is hurt, bye.