where's the Legend?

I know Shaun Broke his leg a while back :astonished: , I’ve been asking in a couple threads :sunglasses: , but where did he disapear to? :thinking:
When is he coming back, is he already back?:smiley:
I know he comes back here and there, but I, not only speaking for myself, really enjoy his videos;) , and tips on tricks.

So where is he?
(He’ll probably be like the first person to post on this thread :roll_eyes: )
He hasnt made a thread in a little over 3 months!

Shaun Johanneson?

Yeah he didn’t break his leg, he hurt is ankle I believe.


And you’ve made exactly 50 threads…in the last 3 months.

hes is in Kentucky eating fried chicken in the back of a pick up screaming ma get little billy he is eating dog food again ol’ yellars getting mad…

…I think you’re making that up.

He quit. He said that he cant continue to take unicycling any biger because the chance of injury is too much for him, and rather not bust himself up more than he already has.


I dont believe that at all. Hope your kidding.


The Legend.

Shaun the Legend is a Student at BSU. I believe he has probably been occupied with exams recently.



I’m back riding yes, hurt my ankle badly before. I did not quit forever. All my tricks aren’t quite all back, but i’m focusing on another part of unicycling. Sorry didn’t reply first.

-Shaun Johanneson

problem sovled then, yay! how’d you hurt ur ankle?

He was doing a triple treyflip down a 17 set, and he landed it, but the weight crushed his ankle…

Then he moved to Kentucky…

but glad he’s back.

I think he hurt it doing some tech grinds.


Well… The horse is getting slimy, and flanders wants outside. So, the lion poops on the dog, and you win! :smiley:

I couldn’t resist.

Sorry about your ankle Shaun. And it’s good to hear your back up and riding.

Stupid, and Gay are two diffrent words, with two completley diffrent meanings. Get it right, make it count.
K, so which are you?
couldnt resist srry :smiley: (His Signature ^above)

Tech grinds=?
Flat, sets, ect…?
If a set, how big?

(^pssst I at spelling)
What were you talking about anyways?

mate, don’t take the p1ss

I don’t realy know about how he did it on the grinds…there is a thread bout it here.