im lucky..helmets save your head

I almost never wear a helmet, but today i was just out in my driveway messing around on some big rocks in my front yard when i had a weird fall where my pedal slipped and i lost my balance and ended up falling backwards really hard. Usually i can catch my balance and land on my feet but this time i ended up smashing my head straight on the rock. I cracked my helmet into two pieces…man am i glad i was wearing a helmet. I have a crazy bad headache right now…but thats better than stitches.

Glad your OK! Sounds like it could have been much worst news.

You probably should get a check up (sooner rather than later) to make sure that you don’t have a concussion.

That’s what the helmets are for, those weird falls. And the reason it’s a good idea to wear one whenever you ride in dangerous situations is because you never know when those weird falls will be.

Just like seat belts, really.

Glad you timed your helmet right, you really got your money’s worth!

yea, from now on im going to try to always wear a helmet.

i dont think i got a concussion from this, my eyes didnt dialate or anything like that, and im not really tired or nauseus feeling. My neck and back are real sore feeling though, i should probably go to the doctor and make sure that i didnt mess up my back or anything, and to double check that i dont have a concussion.

but now i need a new helmet…any suggestions on comfortable and cool looking helmets? Im thinking of getting a pro-tec helmet.

God was looking out for you.

Wow, what luck! Coincedently, today was the day that I decided to start wearing a helmet too. This story reinforces my decision!

i got a concussion once, i had a haedache for 3 days straight, and dont remember it, so if you remember it and if your headache doesnt flare from from someone looking at you too hard, it should be fine

Well from what i have seen the best helmet in my area is tsg… You got way lucky I almost always wear a helmet except when freestyling in the gym
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Uh-oh! The words “proper mode of failure” are all bouncing around my head!

Potential brain damage is better than a superficial injury? If you say so, guv’nor.


/me gets arrested by the Devil’s Advocate Police. It’s a fair cop!

I can hear the helmet discussion coming. I don’t think helmets are supposed to BREAK though. Was it a bike helmet, or a skate helmet? You see, if a helmet breaks, it loses all it’s impact-softening capabilities. What you want to see happen is severe indentation of the helmet material. Perhaps after severe indentation has occured, THEN it could break (Absorbing just that little bit of extra energy to make it break), but certainly not right away.


I wear a helmet doing trials.

Bike helmets are designed to break on impact

Bike helmets are made to take that one big bang and then you have to get a new one, skating helmets are more for the multiple dings you get while falling

Not to “break” in the sense of “breaking apart or cracking”, but to “break” in the sense of being damaged and needing replacing. The ideal is that the helmet shell does not break, and the padding partly collapses as it absorbs the shock of the fall. The helmet is written off instead of your head.

Isn’t that what I said? :stuck_out_tongue:

dude ask anyone i know i always wear a helmet i can be inside for an entire day not go outside and still wear my helmet i have slept in my helmet my friends parents can t recognise me withoot my helmet

I like my SixSixOne dirt lid (edit: link) - I should wear it more often than I do. It’s comfy, and looks pretty cool (though the '06 colours are way not as cool as the old ones… man, that old red one… so pretty!) though probably not ideal: As far as I can tell, it comes in a “one size fits all” (with several different sets of padding). Though, the small size seems to fit perfectly on me… Luck? Be sure to get one that fits your head right :slight_smile:

This will make me think twice about going without! :astonished:

the sad thing about this is that he is telling the truth -rolls eyes-

Holy Ghost you’re lucky! What were you doing on the rocks? How big were they?

I want a helmet now!

They looks pretty! And only $20!
At my local skate shop helmets are £20-£30 which translates to $35-$53.

Good story! No doubt a lot of people will go out and buy helmets now, like me :). Good job!


Thanks very much for posting this- I never wear a helmet, and think “I’m never gonna hurt myself” but you’ve helped me change my mind. Thank-you :slight_smile: