If you didn't unicycle...

It occurred to me a few nights ago that I’ve spent quite a bit of time on non conventional hobbies such as unicycling and juggling. And there is no doubt in my mind that a lot of people on this board have put a lot more time into unicycling than me.

The question is, if you didn’t learn to ride a unicycle, where would all that time have gone?

-In an ideal world, most of that time would have gone toward studying and homework; my grades would be better and I’d be smarter in general. At the same time, I don’t really unicycle that much during the school year, and work fairly hard anyway.
-Knowing me though, I would have wasted a lot of that time, err, wasting time. Probably on the Internet and what not. But that much time? I doubt it…
-Probably not on alcohol/going out though, much to the chagrin of my friends. Even if I had more time, I wouldn’t spend more time partying and clubbing because it’s not the lifestyle for me.

Realistically speaking, with a lot of faith in myself, I like to think that I would have used a good fraction of that time productively. I’ve been meaning to learn to use Linux for the past couple of years, but never really got around to it. Therefore, if I did not learn how to ride a unicycle, I would probably know how to use Linux.

if i didn’t unicycle, naturally most of that time would have been spent walking.

If I hadn’t learned to unicycle, I would have spent the time wondering what to do with all the extra flesh I would have.

Honestly, without unicycling, I think I would be a better ping pong player.

If I hadn’t learned to unicycle, I would be a completely different person now. I would not have the self-confidence and fitness level I achieved only through mastering this difficult skill.

I would not have met my wife.

I would (most likely) not be living in California.

I would not have seen nearly as much of the world, and my country, that I have.

I would not be comfortable in front of large groups of people.

I would not be a good performer, entertainer, or teacher.

I would not be a good writer or editor.

I would have a lot more room in my garage.

I would probably have stayed in college, coming out an Industrial Designer in 1984. Then I would likely have worked in that field, possibly even for one of the car companies, though statistically more likely in a different industry.

I don’t know who that person would have been. He might have averaged a higher income from earlier on, but I don’t think his life would have been nearly as interesting.

If I hadn’t learned to unicycle I would have trained to nordic-ski through lappland or some remote windy, snowy, ice-cold country


I actually would have spent a lot of that time studying

I’d play banjo more often (usually I do just as much banjo as uni)

My parents would still support me in all my endeavors

My uncle would still take me seriously

That’s about it.

I’d do lots of walking/biking/hiking. I would do more juggling, and might even have learned 7 balls by this time.

Although I’d likely be much heavier than I am, ironically I probably would have eaten a lot fewer doughnuts.

John, I think I saw that other guy on a rerun of Who Wants to be a Millionaire the other day. :wink:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

If I didn’t unicycle…

I prolly wouldn’t get that circus theme stuck in my head as much :wink:
I wouldn’t have the same self-confidence that I have, which I know has helped me in my education (Nick Vs University II: Nick Doesn’t Flunk Out!)
I’d still have my girlfriend :wink:
I’d still have my job :’(
I’d still live in Quebec :slight_smile:
I prolly wouldn’t juggle…
I prolly wouldn’t bore my friends with my incessant one-wheeled-rambling :wink:
I wouldn’t know the karmic joy, the true zen, of Muni :wink:

If I didn’t unicycle…

I wouldn’t of met all the people i’ve met on here, or at the club around the area i’ve been to a few times.

I wouldn’t of met billham in person, cause I never would of drove 8 hours to Ohio to a unicycle meet.

I wouldn’t have a sprained wrist, well maybe, cause i’ve fallen on it a total of 3 times now, and one wasn’t unicycling. I was trying to balance on a little basketball. I probably thought it would be easy cause of my advanced balance from being able to unicycle, so it was related.

My friend wouldn’t think I was weird… actually they already did.

Other people I know wouldn’t of gotten intrested and wanted to learn.

I would have approximately 600 more dollars, that figures bound to go up.

I wouldn’t have a total of 5 unicycles, I didn’t have any till I started learning, go figure.

I would probably still be trying to skateboard, and not progressing half as well as unicycling, cause I like it more.

I wouldn’t be having fun unicycling.

I would get more sleep cause I wouldn’t be on here too late.

I wouldn’t be writting this now.

I wouldn’t be forcing myself to stop writting this now.


id be like dead or something

OMG IF WASBNT UNIING RIT NOW ID PROB BE DRINKN AND MY LIFE WOULD B HORROBLE N I BE DRUGGIE N SMOKIG AND I PROB WUDENT FOND GAWD AND ID BE GOIG 2 hell maybe i mite be xXxtremexXx walking thogh cause i hecka goood at tat i prob not do much cause uni iz my life ani wudent met my frends or an my frends b diff i be lozerz! an i be gay should b uni but i not is wut i tak aboot ya no wut i sayin?

No. Please try to at least write like an intelligent person.

If I didn’t unicycle, I would still do magic (more often, anyway). I would be better at Rubiks Cubing, and I wouldn’t be quite as healthy. Seriously, unicycling is one of my only forms of exercise. Except now, I’m sort of a runner, so I’m all healthilized and stuff.

I would possibly still be messing around on skateboards and inline skates and other little sports, trying to find what I have found in unicycling.

I would have:

LOADS of money.

No reason to visit the shed, the LBS or the internet as often.

Not had contact with the wide variety of people online that I do.

A heart problem no doubt.

Weak legs.

Crap balance.

Nothing to bore my girlfriend and friends with.

i would be doing “extreme” pogo stick, or maybe biking.

I would probli have LESS money!!!yes less i have ALWAYs been interested in trials biking but have neva had the money but now i have a job i could afford one,but i have found the joys of trials unicycling which i am pretty good at.
Skinny legs gerenally less muscley which would be really bad I weak as it is!!
I would be playing more badminton and sqaush go down the beach more.I would have no interest in photography.I would not be able to take pain half as well.I don’t think i would have my girlfriend either unicycling has given me self confidance and stuff and even tho my friends don’t like her I can say hold up I do so I don’t care if you don’t. Life would be a bored.

We do have the Deutsches Einradforum. What we don’t have is the hip-hop/ebonics/text messaging/can’t spell/youth forum.

Learn English. You’ll be surprised to find out how useful it will be later on!

My involvement in unicycling taught me to be a better writer, editor, typist, and overall communicator.

Sorry, just a very quick off topic Q, is there a large text message culture in the US like in the UK?

I wouldn’t have meet my husband.
I wouldn’t have visted China.
I wouldn’t be about to vist Japan.

I probadly would still be a lighting technician.


All the deaf people I know are nuts about it. I can’t imagine how they got along before this technology was available.

I have a lot of deaf people around me, I’m not making this up. Unfortunately I can’t speak for the general text-messaging community. Without a description of the UK text messaging culture it would be hard to compare…