i need some good unicycling quotes please

Hey all, I’m making a flash movie intro for my club’s website.

I’ll post the movie when it’s completed, but due to the large-ish size of the movie, I will require one of those fancy ‘loading’ movies.

I would like to fill the void while loading with quotes. You know how in anticpation of an event or a movie, they’ll write

‘blah blah blah’ - Famous guy

very much like what we do in our sig lines.

I wonder if anybody has any really cool one(or 2)-liners that really embody the whole unicycling experience?

I’ll credit the quote with your name, or if you know of any already made up ones, I’ll give them the credit.


I’m looking for 4 or 5.

(Something that the novice person who may have stumbled onto my site (searching for ‘unicycling’ but maybe not all that interest (YET) may have their interest sparked with, not something like…profiles and gazzoloddi’s yeah, pedal grabs…)

Post here, or PM if you’d prefer.

Thanks alot


You could do what Nick Brazzi did in his Moab video. An unrehearsed scene plays behind the end credits, as he walkes around the group of resting riders on the slickrock: “Where’s your other wheel?” he asks, to one person, then the next, then the next, and gets a different answer from each person. A wonderful piece of spontaneous unicyclist cleverness.

You could list a bunch of those, or just a bunch of the stupid questions people ask.

hey that’s a god idea as well.

What sparked the original request is the poster I have up behind my compuet. it says,

‘Mountain biking is about adventure and the rediscovery of your childhood freedom. It removes you from the daily grind and puts you in an environment with endless posiblities - wildlife, epic views, a personal epiphany about what really matters, and tasting your endorphines after a long, hard climb. The reward is looking back at obstacles, that are now behind you, and feeling like anything’s possible.’ - Gary Klein

funny?it doest say anything in there about dumping paint & chemicals into area lakes,or whatever.anyway they did somthing nasty back in the 80’s

It’s a pretty easy guess that the only wildlife a mountain b**er sees is roadkill.

Treepotato has a good one on her avatar. It’s something like, “No brakes, no handles, no limits.”
I also like to say, “Hey look! A two wheeled unicycle!” When someone on a bike passes by. :slight_smile:

Sendhair, thanks for switching to purple. It makes your posts much more readable!

I’ve seen lots of deer, wild turkey, all kinds of birds (even a few base jumpers in Auburn), and rattlesnakes. I consider myself a mountain biker, even though I almost never ride trails on a bike.

The original quote from the back of the 1998 MUni Weekend T-shirts was:

No gears
No brakes
No handlebars
No problem

Here’s another one:

Learning to ride a unicycle is 60% determination, 35% persistence (not giving up), and 5% sense of balance. – John Foss

Half the bike, twice the man

This is perfect…just what I’m looking for,. thanks

Re: i need some good unicycling quotes please

Kris had a good one: “It’s not an act, it’s a sport”


I think this recent Klaas quote is great:

‘And then they will ask the unicycling clown in the circus “Hey, are you a Mountain Unicyclist?”’ - Klaas Bil

Well done Klaas. That quote’s got a lot of ‘class’ :stuck_out_tongue: …sorry.


Re: i need some good unicycling quotes please

johnfoss wrote:

> Learning to ride a unicycle is 60% determination, 35% persistence (not
> giving up), and 5% sense of balance. – John Foss

Learning to ride a unicycle is half determination, half persistence, half
sense of balance, and half arithmetic.

Triples: 8 (6-10) 55%-65% or 7 (5-9) 65%-70% or 6 (4-8) 70%-75% or 5
(3-7) 80%-85% 90%+: 3 (2-5) doubles or 7 (4-10) singles

I’ve heard this one when people ask if riding a uni if hard:

It’s hard to learn, but easy to do!


“A bike is just a unicycle with training wheels”

                                - Matt Bond

Re: Quotes

Don’t you mean, ‘With a training wheel?’

no, he’s riding one of those new hover uni things :smiley:

Here’s a better version. I couldn’t remember my original version at the time (still can’t), but this cleans it up and fixes the numbers so they “look” better:

“Learning the unicycle takes 50% determination, 40% persistence, and 10% balance. Everybody has 10% balance.” – John Foss

“There has to be a harder way to do this.”

(I tried to explain this concept to one of my friends, who wanted to know why on earth I needed to learn to ride a unicycle with only one foot. Alas, I didn’t have much sucess.)

“If it was easy, it wouldn’t be fun.”

“Unicycling… abstinence… it’s all the same to me” - ITEMNO530

“Can I ride this?! It’s only an accessory.” - ITEMNO530

“I can’t wait to get the other half in the mail.” -ITEMNO530

“I’ve upgraded with a horn!” -ITEMNO530

“Yes, I can’t feel 'em anymore.” -ITEMNO530

“Can I do any tricks? Riding it is a trick!” -ITEMNO530

“You can’t ride it, you’re a b*ker!” -ITEMNO530

I can’t think of anything else I’ve said, if anything new comes up, I’ll post it.

Good luck with your video and quotes or whatever… iono!

-Christopher (Toby) Mata gersalia
[included real name IF you decide to quote any of mine.]

“90% of unicycling is 100% mental.”

or maybe

“90% of unicyclists are 100% mental.”