HS33 / HS22 Magura unicycle brakes

I’ve put together seven sets of these Magura HS22/HS33 brakes that blend the bomb-proof HS22 large diameter hydraulic cylinder with the shorter adjustable HS33 lever blade (the one with the red TPA adjustment knob). This brake set-up is KH spooner compatible (tho the spooner shown isn’t for sale)
I have these in several Magura colors: red, day-glo yellow, caterpillar yellow, black and several in a dark blue that matches Kris Holm’s blue exactly. Let me know if you want to see pictures of which ever colors you are interested in.

Some riders like to keep more distance between the brake pads and the rim than the small-ish hydraulic piston in the modern HS33 will allow. Aggressive MUNI, 36er and 36er/Schlumpf hub owners can have difficulty keeping brake pads from rubbing under acceleration or idling, so, I’ve assembled a Magura “franken-brake” combination using HS33 and HS22 parts.

This is the second batch of these I’ve made. I’ve ridden one of these on my single speed KH36 for eight months/several hundred miles now and It has worked out great, with no brake pad rubbing at all and the nifty red TPA knob lets me dial in exactly where the brake pads rest when not braking.


• Really the only semi-custom part here is the lever: I start with a good used HS22 lever body that I clean, inspect and reassemble with a slightly modified good used pre-2005 HS33 lever blade. I then fill in the extra pivot pin width with precisely ground and polished stainless steel metric washers (see close-up picture). This lever combination will drive the brake pads 14.3 mm (both sides added together) compared to the anemic 10mm travel that the shorter stock HS33 lever provides.

Comes with whatever length brake line and crossover you want, lightly used black brake pads or new black pads for $6 more - and are bled and tested for proper function and leaks on my custom brake testing jig. I also replace all worn parts with new so you get a world class unicycle brake for less dough than you’d pay for new.

These brakes will fit on any Kris Holm unicycle: 20, 24, 29 and 36 or any brand of unicycle (Hunter, Nimbus, etc) or bike that comes with dedicated four-bolt Magura mounts that look like this: http://www.inspiredbicycles.com/imag...own-mounts.jpg and a place to mount a lever under the saddle like this: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=908

Comes with what you see in the pictures, so you will still need to get a set of Magura four bolt mounts like this : http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=907 to mount the brake on your unicycle. And, yes this brake is compatible with the KH spooner.

PAYPAL works best for me, but money orders are also ok.
$80 USD per wheel and add another $5 for USPS Priority Mail shipping in the US (2-3 days) and $10 for first class shipping to Canada (7-9 days). I ship the day after I receive funds.

I’ll set up your brake with whatever length of brake line you want from 18" on up to 30". I can also help you determine the right length of brake line for your leg length and unicycle wheel size. Just ask.

I flush and bleed all brakes with fresh Magura blue blood before I test, pack and ship your brake. Bleeding hydraulic brakes is messy and no fun - and so you won’t have to deal with fluid leaks, after I assemble and bleed them with fresh Magura blue blood, I test them all for function and leaks by putting the wheel cylinders into a custom test jig that I made. There, I’ll cycle the brake pistons under full power to check for leaks without having to bolt them up to a unicycle frame.

Want something else you don’t see here? I also have other Magura brake sets for sale (HS11, stock HS22’s and some HS33’s too) and I repair Magura rim brakes if you have a set that leaks, needs new tubing or a crossover, repair or just bleeding.

[B]PM me if you have questions. Also, a more direct way to communicate with me is e-mail at the e-mail address below.


Pics for Shermanator

This is one of the lightly used sets dayglo yellow Magura HS33/HS22 brakes with the newer HS33 lever modification. This brake shows few signs of use and the silver lever blade is a brand new NOS lever. Brake pads are used, but resurfaced red pads.

I also have the same brake with a stock HS22 lever (longer lever, no red adjustment knob . . more motorcycle like) for $60. Let me know if you are interested or have questions.


so how much would the ones in the pics cost?

Cost: $85 shipped USPS priority mail in the USA.

which is more practical, the one that looks more like a bike brake or the more spoonish one?

The only technical difference is the plastic KH spooner added to the lever blade. Otherwise they are identical.

Pics for Wilsondesign

See pics of HS33/HS22 hybrid brake with lightly used red pads and the new NOS HS33 KH spooner compatible silver lever blade that I’ll fit to this lever. The lever body has a couple of paint chips around the edges from being in a parts bin loose for several years, but I went through it, cleaned it an it has almost no internal wear. I’ll PM you with the details.
Note that the old installed (black) lever blade and the KH Spooner aren’t included in the sale.

Pics for Enigma

HS22 Black lever body, black HS33 lever blade and black wheel cylinders with almost new black brake pads. $80 PLUS $5 to ship (overall, same condition and price as the other franken brakes)



Sitll have stock and frankenbrake HS22’s in several colors.
PM or e-mail me if you have questions

Some HS33/22 Frankenbrake color options for Tucson Uni

I have multiples of these levers, some in new condition as well. Note, these levers are shown before the installation of the shorter HS33 lever blade (yes, these are spooner compatible).

Pics for Eric

See PM


Still have lots of HS33/HS22 Magura franken-brakes. Let me know what you need.


One year later and I think I can get a set this time :smiley:

What is the least costly set of day-glos you have?


Do you want one of my HS33/HS22 frankenbrakes for a large wheel or do you want just a stock HS33? I have both in lightly used condition in dayglow yellow color.

Please clarify and I’ll send you some pics and prices to review.


will you ship to canada?

Sure. Shipping to Canada is $10 USD via USPS
Whacha looking for?


Hey Brycer,
My Magura lever broke today so I’m looking to buy a new one. Plus my brake line is too short so looking to make that much longer than my current one. Looking for a 30 inch long line (yes I need it that long!) plus the HS33 brake lever. I don’t need the brake pads/mounts or short brake line or spooner. JUST the long ss brake line and black lever. Let me know if you have something that will work and how much it would cost including shipping it to Australia. Thanks buddy!

I’ll take a couple of pics tonight and post them here for you to review of the brake parts you want and send you a PM with more specifics.


See pics of 2005 HS33 lever in like new condition and stainless 34" brake brake line. See PM for shipped pricing.


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