HS33 / HS22 Magura unicycle brakes

I just mounted Brycer’s Frankenbrake on my 36 KH. I haven’t ridden any hills yet with the roads being snowy, but on flat, I’m having no rubbing during mounting, bank turning, and or idling. They are working very well.

When I first put them on, I found my wheel was dished and far from true. I trued up my wheel and now have a large space between the rim and the pads, all the around now. I’m really glad to have this large of a gap, so I’m sure these brakes can be set to never rub, except when applied.

The gap is so large, that in the future I’ll better adjust the mounting of the slaves to be closer to the wheel to reduce the extension of the pads necessary to contact the wheel. There is also a knob on the brake lever that can be used to easily just dial the pads up closer to the wheel. I imagine it’s best to set up the slave cylinders as close as possible, and tweak the knob to fine tune.

I’m looking forward to using these brakes.

Thank you Brycer, for helping me get the right setup, and customizing the hose lengths perfect for my uni.

Glad to hear they are working for you Ken. Happy new year.


Pics for Onion

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Pics for Napalm


Pics for napalm


The brakes I bought from you work great! Thanks for shipping it so fast.

De nada!


Brycer Brakes thumbs up

Gotta give Brycer props for customer service…

He quickly replied to my initial inquiry, sent pics of inventory and instructions for sizing, confirmed availability and shipped from left coast to right in less than a week including a holiday.

Yeah the Maggie’s are used but nicely cleaned up and with the lines custom sized and freshly bled the performance is like new!

It will take me way longer than a week to fully appreciate this addition to my muni.

Thanks Brycer

aka PAX


yes he def hooked me up,if all business would act like this,we would be in a much better place,

Pics for dragonzfly

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Pics for dragonzfly

See PM for more info.