Qu-Ax 36 inch Profi Marathon

Hi I have just today received my Qu-Ax 36
It has no brakes on it, but it does have the mounts, for what I think might be for Magura Hs33. Can I just buy a second hand front Magura Hs33 off say EBay, then fit? If yes, what else would I need for the brake set up, under the seat etc.
Also, how hard is it to free mount these? I have a 20 inch nimbus, I can idle really good on, free mount, and ride backwards on to. Is it really hard to make the switch from 20 to 36 free mounting ?? Any answers much Appreciated.

Someone else will have to answer your question about brakes, but as far as mounting, a static mount is better than a rollback mount for any wheel, especially a 36. Once a 36-inch wheel starts to roll backwards, persuading it to roll forward can be difficult.

I added a Magura brake to my muni and bought a kit of parts to do it from brycer1968 here on the site. I haven’t seen him on the site in a while and he might or might not still have parts to offer, and you might or might not want to purchase from the States. Either way you might learn something about what it involves by looking at some of his listing pages:

As for mounting: I had experience with several in-between sizes before trying to mount a 36" but my guess is that it would be a big change going to that from a 20". Just about everyone jumps well enough to get onto a 20" by just hopping on. Not many people have the vertical capability to get onto a 36" the same way, so it takes some degree of stepping up via the back pedal and learning how to do that without rolling the wheel out from under you. There are countless discussions in various topics but generally it takes better control and also more physical effort than mounting a smaller wheel. The first mount of the day is always the hardest for me, at the start of the ride before I’m warmed up or tuned in to correcting my balance.

You may need Magura Brake Mounts

and brake lever mount

Hose length can be an issue. You will need a bleed kit if you have to change the hose. Or check with your LBS to see if they can do it.

Going straight from a 20 to a 36 is a big change. The mounting is easier if you are tall and longer cranks help a lot. Stick at it and you will get it eventually.

Free mount

Just spent 15 min in garden, and guess what?
Free mounted it 3 times, not EVEN holding onto seat, and rode 12-15 foot, ( as run out of grass) lol. BIG BIG difference though in pedal speed to 20 inch Nimbus I have. I’m sure I’m going to grasp this ASAP. God it’s a big wheel though, in height & Width compared to 20 inch. It sure will attract attention!:grinning: