How/when did you get into Unicycling

About a month ago I said to myself, “I’ve always wanted to try riding a unicycle…” then I bought a CX and enjoyed it throughly. I’ve been riding since and I am working on going backwards. Since I don’t have a beefy uni yet can can’t expand on my 2 foot drops and hopping skills.

When I went online to find another kind of unicycle I came across trials uni’s and this forum and of course UDC. I never thought unicycling could offer so much, with different specialities and people that made clubs.

Now after all of that I became more interested in trials and Muni riding.
I am now waiting for the new KH 20’ model to be released then eventually I want to buy a 26’’ Muni.

I also thought that if Unicycling was more publicized I might have got “into” it a lot longer ago.


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I got into uniing four months ago because my dad taught me how on an old Schwinn 24" with an extremely wobbly right crank. Now I have a Nimbus X that I’ve just about beat the crap out of so I,too, am waiting for the new KH trials.

I stumbled upon the Universe2 trailer online and thought it was incredible. I skateboarded on and off for years, but I was never the best at it. I’ve always kind of liked doing things differently, so this ‘extreme unicycling’ really appealed to me. I bought my first unicycle (a 24" torker cx) on ebay a week later.

same here^^

I learned to ride as a kid. The YMCA in our city put on a youth circus every year. We decided that unicycles sounded cool, and it was a popular thing to do. THere were a bunch of us.

Fast forward 20+ years…

I decided it would be fun to teach my son to ride. He rides everything else, why not a unicycle. We got a couple Torker LX’s for Christmas 2005. He learned to ride and my daughter decided she wanted to… so I got her one too. Now she’s riding and two of the nieghborhood kids are learning. Pretty soon I’ll have my own hockey team haha

Hah, nice.!

My parents (mid 40’s) only care about safty now a days and tell me “Oh thats dangerous” but its not like they force me to stop.
But here you are teaching yours, thats awesome I’d do the same unicycling is fun, an plus your kids are going to be really good at it if they keep it up.

oh yeah, the “when” part: two years and 6ish months ago.

my parents had no idea what to get me for christmas 2005, so they got me my first, a CX. almost 10 mos later, i have 5 unis and a homemade BC, all in all, in the hole about 600$

I started riding about eight months ago when my school made a uni club. I got a LX and DX with my brother and we switched off riding them. Eventually I practically gave him the DX so I needed a new one. I got a custom trials uni with a KH fusion Gel, gb4, bedford frame, koxx drilled rim, Jim C’s, and a luna tire. Its pretty sweet.
P.S.<-there is w/o jim C’s

Was that in Watsonville? Did you know Charlie Berry? I believe he did tons of coaching at the YMCA in Watsonville, though possibly in the 70s or earlier. His history with the Unicycling Society of America goes back to the beginning. Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago.

My story in brief (it’s been in detail before):
Saw unicycles in Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade around 1967. Finally got my hands on one in 1976 or so, a P.O.S. Troxel, and spent about six weeks alternately trying to ride the thing, and throwing it in the corner. It was harder to ride than any unicycle you can buy today. It fell apart when I tried to make turns on it. In 1979 my neighbor got a Schwinn Giraffe, and I eventually learned how to ride on that. I count officially from Halloween 1979.

i got into riding 8 months ago when my sister’s boyfriend was over with tim (timbob1907). my sisters boyfriend brought his unicycle over with him and i decided hey i am bored, so i tried to ride it. he gave me his old lx with 152mm cranks on it. bought some 140mm cranks and broke them with in 2-3 days. bought a DX and traded to get an LX seat and broke part of the pedal and upgraded to primos and eventualy decided to upgrade unis and bought a custom bedford. 145mm Profiles, alex rim, luna tire, bedford frame, kh gel seat, gb4 and took the primos to my new one. and curently waiting for a bedford Muni to come.

my trials beast is to the left

No, it was in SoCal… Redlands. They still do it, though it looks like as with all things wholesome, it’s just not as popular as it used to be. (much smaller group of kids)

And ackgot… unicycling is the SAFE thing we do. :slight_smile: Me and my son also race BMX, and I’m right there encouraging him to go big haha… he’s an awesome jumper for his size… all 62 pounds of him.

Tell your parents to lighten up and live a little :wink:

My younger son and a friend of his started riding a few years ago, and last Christmas I was stuck for ideas for my mum to buy me so I thought I’ll give unicycling a go.
She bought me a basic 20" model and three months later I bought a 26" Nimbus Muni.
I’m now trying to ride all the trails on it that I used to on my MTB.
It’s hard work but sooooo much fun.

I can thank NWD1 and Kris Holm… Thanks

I saw a monkey on a unicycle on TV(cartoons) and I had no idea what i wanted for my birthday, and ever since I skipped third grade and was 1 or + year(s) younger than the rest of my class, I’ve had no choice but to be different, now I do it for fun! So I figured since I had never seen anyone mention a unicycle before(that’s a lot–we had a unicycle on our book cover and it was the easiest class ever for everyone, not just the smart ones or idiots) it was the perfect thing for me! Of course, there was a loophole(actually 2), but I didn’t give it(them) so much thought, to build suspense I’ll tell (both) later…Anyways, one day, sometime around October 25(2005), November 1 was my birthday, we took a LOONG 2 1/2 hr. trip to see my uncle. On the trip back, we stopped by a cycle shop(I had heard my Dad talk about how he’s heard about a shop that sells the unicycles before, no one else had any idea were to find them besides the Internet) so, since it was a long trip, and I woke up early, and it was a Sunday, so naturally, I was sleepy, and they picked the best time to surprise me, when I’m sleepy, I forget everything–one time I forgot my name but remembered once I washed my face, it wakes me up, and, well, there was no sink–so they just took me in the store(Lopez M. I don’t remember what the M stood for, it just said L.M. and the M. was a bike.) and there was a guy holding a unicyle(imitation Sun 16") and Mom just asked, “Do you fit there?” and I was speechless(sorta like “OK, I’m up now, what do I say?”) and then , with tons of help, I got on the unicycle.I fit just right on the size it was. I was like, “Thank you!” so…excited! I began trying to learn the next day, I got on from the step’s handrail(downstairs) and tried to ride off, which, obviously, I didn’t(the next loophole–my cerebellum is tinier than usual, and that’s the part of the brain that receives information about balance, I had learned to ride a bike barely 3 yrs. ago, and I was ten now(at the time that happened)…whoops!) this hobby was the one that took me the longest to learn the basics, but the most wothwhile and fun, so, next day, and the whole next two weeks, I kept practicing, every day less and less, and eventually, there was a week I didn’t ride, I rode, after that week, I could almost ride the length of the handrail, but no I didn’t, and a few days later, February 5th(2006), to be exact, we went to a skate park, and there was a rail…I rode my 50 meters! About two weeks after that, I took my uni to school, and two MORE weeks after that I didn’t ride for about four MORE weeks(around May) and in June I got bored and tried to ride again. Then it "clicked."I dodn’t stop riding ever since. Now it’s almost a year since that October and I still have no idea what to ask for my birthday…maybe another unicycle…or I’ll leave that for Christmas and ask for a camcorder…I have no idea! Man I could make a history book with this post alone, and to think it was a quick reply!

**By the way, ian.stockwell what is your avatar?I think it’s a banana and my brother thinks it’s chocolate and now I think we’re both right!

saw a Kris holm video…

Saw Kris Holm on a tv show a few months ago. I actually rode for a month
or so when I was 18. Looked around on the internet, then lurked on this forum. Asked a bunch of questions.

Got my 24 in Torker LX for Fathers Day on June 12 (3 months ago today).
Am now riding at least 2 miles every morning.


I‘ve started about 18 years ago, on a circus course for children. By that people usually think I could ride pretty much better than I actually do, but I use the skills I have for performing, mixing that whit comedy.

I‘ve had quite good unicycles all those years, like a pichelerrad, a sam cycle - the best so far - and a K1, and I‘m just about to get two new K1s, a devil and a free tricks.

That‘s it

I started riding in Oct of 05. Brian MacKenzie, and a few other riders were in North Bay, and seeing them got me really excited to learn. So, Brian lent me one of his, and I learned quickly. I then bought my Muni in Nov. Now I’m riding a Coker, and I love it.