How often do you ride?

first off I would make this a poll but I don’t know how. The title says it all. iwas just wondering how often people ride their unicycle in a day?

I ride every day. Between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

everyday 2-4 hours

3 times a day in one hour stretches

I keep my uni in work and try to get out for half an hour every day during my lunchbreak.

I’m a CokerNut

Between 5-8 mile a day on and off road.

I can’t live without it!!!


Used to be an hour or so average per day, but not as much with it being so hot in summer.

I like to try to get an hour or so in each day if i can. Or more if im working on something in particular.

hmm its like 20-25 hours a week

Re: How often do you ride?

Not more than an hour per week on average.

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About 2 hours everyday.

That’s the minimum amount of time though, If i can, im out for about 5 or 6 hours.

Not nearly enough. If I rode for half the time I spend here, just half, I’d be in much better shape!

I’m actually idling as I type this post. The last time I dismounted was in December 2005 when I made the mistake of getting front row seats at a Vegas show. The people behind me were complaining that they couldn’t see through me and I didn’t want to waste the $100 I spent on the ticket…

Not much these days. 3 hours on a good week. Some weeks not at all.


I do about 18hrs a week if im not working on something if a am ai spend about 48hr (dead serious)

a ride on average once a day. sometimes for 10 minutes somtimes for 5 hours. depends on how much time i have, and now that i have a BC wheel, my bike was just fixed and i just made a scooter i kinda have to spread them out all evenly.

I at least get on a unicycle everyday. Last weekend i rode solid for 10 hours and my feet and back were killing me, so i have taken a break for about a week. I am going to be riding all this weekend as well, for money!

Rock on!

on a good week 10 maybe more hours, an a bad week maybe 1 or 2 hours

Through the summer so far, I’ve been doing about six hours a day, though normally it would be about two or three.

1-2 hours a day!