How do you guys transport your 36ers?

So I recently ordered a 36er, and while my family currently owns a truck and a large sized suv, I figure it’d be difficult to transport one with say… a car.

How do you guys easily get your 36er to different locations when you don’t have a lot of room?

Mine fits fine in my 1969 VW bug, and also on my Harley.


I ride it.

Otherwise two 36ers and a 24 will all fit in my trunk together with room for a few other things. If the trunk is full I use a receiver hitch type cycle rack.

Beat me to it. :roll_eyes:
I don’t have a 36er though.

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Mine rides in the front seat or in the bed.

Mine fits in the backseat of my Mazda 3. But I can’t have a passenger.

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Roof rack

Fortunately mine fits into the back of my Scion Xb, but I have used a standard trunk mounting bike rack to hold the 36, a 29, and a 24.

We have a trip coming up in our Prius, which has a Thule Roof Rack with bike attachments, and the plan is to attach the 36 and 29 onto those. The wheel would go in the gutter with a strap around it and the top ot the frame would go into the vice grip. That is the theory, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Similar to what is in this thread:

But my rack looks like this:

If it doesn’t work then the unis will go in the back with the seats down and the kids will ride on top - with the dog.

Ha :smiley:

Do you remember the intro to “The Beverley Hillbillies” where Granma Clampit rode on the top of the car sat in her chair? :roll_eyes:
I’m picturing Jigywigy’s family doing this. Hope it doesn’t rain :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Never gave it a thought, I’ve always just put it in the back :smiley: :smiley:


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I have a small car (a Prizm/Corolla) and my 36" easily fits in the trunk. The day I bought it, my trunk was full, so I put it in the back seat. Plenty of room. I have a bike rack that hooks to the back of the car that I could use if needed.

:slight_smile: Yes!

Tied in I hope.

Minivan. When it comes to moving a lot of unicycles, minivans are the bomb. It also fits my 36" plus up to two recumbents, with room for all three riders. :slight_smile:

Ha ha .Nice truck Jona.

I don’t like my muddy gear and unis inside my car

Good lord, that makes the 36er look tiny!

My wife asked me for a “Red 2 door with bucket seats and a 5 speed”

Funny, I thought she would be happier. :stuck_out_tongue:

Saris Bones rack strapped to the back of the car or a bike roof rack. one of those frame clamping ones, that arm that pivots up works for me.

Or the back seat. Whats wrong with the back seat area? Its cold and windy outside dont you look after your 36er :frowning:

the quick release on the seat post allows it to fit into the trunk or back seat of my Honda Accord.