High shipping costs to hawaii

do any hawaii unicyclists out there have any solutions to the problem of extremely high shipping costs to hawaii? some of the costs on unicycle.com are really gross.

pedals-20$ shipping
saddle-20-30$ shipping
unicycle 70-90$ shipping
coker/giraffe- 160$ shipping

if anybody knows of any stores that i can special order from, or any other ways i could avoid these costs, please respond.

Wow! Another Hawaii uniist.

I tend not to buy things from uni.com. Actually, I have only ordered one uni from uni.com. I had that cycle shipped to my sister in Cali. She brought it down with her when she came home last year.

The rest I got from several bike shops.

So where do you live? I can point out the best places to shop and introduce you some other riders.


Re: High shipping costs to hawaii

Small price to pay for living in Paradise. You want cheap shipping, move to this hell hole I live in. Then you could drive to Uni.com and pick up your stuff.:smiley:

Do I hear the Hawaii MUniFest coming soon?

Hawaiian MUnifest

Yes!! The drumbeat begins. Softly, but solidly like orcs from the deep.

Re: Hawaiian MUnifest

That is no Orc Horn.

Open the gates!

(cue Elven protectors)


daino, i live in manoa near punahou. i unicycle on weekends and during school breaks with about 5 other high school sophomores in front of my house on vancouver drive. what are some good bike shops to buy unicycles/parts(saddles/pedals) from?

You aren’t the guy I ran into the other week on the avanier by Manoa Marketplace, are you?

I like to go to the Bike Shop on King Street. They don’t have the best prices, but they do have the best people working there. In fact, one of the guys there does, or used to before he messed up his knees, ride down Saint Louis Heights.

For the best prices, McCully Bike is the place to go. They have great prices, but the people there aren’t the greatest. There are a few good ones, but the rest kinda rub me the wrong way.

What school do you go to? I went to Kalani c/o 2000

We should get together sometime.

Daniel xc xc

And another thing. I’d love to have a Hawaii MUni weekend. Just that someone would have to bring an extra MUni for me to borrow until I get mine :smiley:


hmm i was in manoa marketplace last weekend, but i dont remember “running into anyone” hmm…
yeah mccully is great they have nice prices but we have bought out their stock twice now. i got my birthday uni from the bike shop but i, personally, have never been there. is it true that the bike shop can special order anything from unicycle.com because they are an ‘authorized dealer?’
hawaii Muni weekend would be nuts if i could actually handle trails and stuff like that… i only started uniing a month or so ago, i cant even hop up onto curbs and stuff.

You set it up, I’ll bring the spare MUni!

I’ll set one up if I can get enough people to come.

The Bike Shop is an authorized uni.com dealer. However, their prices aren’t all that much better then you ordering direct. The reason is that they don’t place many orders to uni.com, so they still pay the high shipping rates.

my 24" Yuni was 299 on unicycle.com and was 333 in store… thats a little better than paying 370 for uni+shipping online.
i had a phone conversation with the guys at McCully today, i talked to them about them becoming unicycle.com dealers and keeping upgrades/parts in stock. the guy sounded interested, said he would bring the idea to “upper management” as soon as he could.

maybe he was just being polite

Badger, buy from me…I work at a shop in North Carolina and can get purchases over $50 shipped to you in Hawaii for free. We don’t carry much unicycle parts and you won’t find much in our web catalog for unicycles but standard things like pedals, wheels, tires, etc are in there…as long as the order is over $50 you won’t pay shipping.
I’ll have to check with the shop owner but I think I can ship things to you for free that are not in the web catalog as well. So I could order say a Kris Holm 24" mUni from Unicycledotcom and then send it to you free of the shipping charge.
Just PM me if you would ever be interested…

That sounds great! I tried the link you provided, but the site is under construction. Do you have some sort of price list? If I order a uni.com item from you, will there be a standard markup?


Hmm, I don’t know why the site is telling you it’s under construction? I am one of the webmasters and it seems to be working just fine for me.

I don’t have a price list on unicycles as I am just now getting the shop owner to buy into the idea of carrying unicycles on the web catalog. You would have to let me know what unicycle you wanted and then I would price it from there. There could be mark up, but there could also be mark down. For instance, uni.com sets the retail price for Kris Holm unicycles so I can usually give you a mark down on anything Kris Holm.

Just private message me what you are interested in and I will get some pricing info to you as soon as I get the chance.

I’ll also talk to the owner tomorrow about honoring free shipping on non-web catalog purchases.

FYI- The link worked for me.

I tried it again and it worked. Thanks.

zod- what you are talking about sounds really awesome. keep us posted about your store/unicycle.com orders… that would be awesome, thanks for the offer.

Damn guys I’m sorry but I must have been in a mind funk yesterday…I coulda swore we shipped to all 50 with free shipping but I was totally incorrect…
I was out on the web catalog this morning and as big as day it says “excluding alaska and hawaii” I don’t know what I was thinking… :frowning:

That being said I might still be able to save you some money on a purchase, our shipping could be less and our price should be lower on certain items (like KH unicycles)…