Help: Riding backwards

Hi i starded trying to ride backwards about a week ago and i can get to about 15 half pedals but i tend to be concentrating on the ground and the wheel more than anything is this normal to begin with? and if i try to ride looking forwards i find it considerably harder can anyone help me with this one

Thanks Jaymz

Stop thinking. Hum the dumbest song you can think of, lean backwards, don’t look.

That’s a strange peice of advice!:smiley: :thinking:

stop thinking is very good advice, along with the lean backwards and don’t look.
I can see how the “hum the dumbest song you can think of” would be usefull. if you fell you would already feel stupid :smiley:

when I was learning I found that if you just try it you will get it eventually

so when ive mastered it will i be able to ride basically until im worn out like riding forwards?

yea pretty much. ive sort of mastered it. i can ride down stairs and go over obstacles and everything backwards. its really not that hard you jsut have to practise

When i try to ride backwards, i stay in 1 spot, where the uni keeps going with my legs:(

im trying to learn that to but i keep leaning back to far its starting to mack me mad :angry:

I was practicing yesterday, got about 3 pedals in…

It took me about a month to learn riding backwards. It can be frustrating, just as riding forward is. One day you’ll make it 30 feet many times, the next you’ll only go 3 feet. This happened to me very often, and I often got so angry that i’d literally just throw my uni across the yard. So far learning backwards was the most frustrating thing I’ve learned…but you must keep at it…never give up. Also, learning to idle helps. But if you don’t, learning backwards riding will lead to idling.

When I was learning to ride backward, I found that riding forwards towards a wall, stopping, and riding straight backwards was the easiest.

Just practice, practice, practice. Don’t get mad, it will just make it harder.

does anyone know how to ride backwards sif? i can only get 1 pedal before eating it. I can ride backwards fine but with the seat out it is really hard.

I only started riding backwards after i started 180ing of objects. i would land facing the “wrong way” and just keep peddling to see how far i could go. I always run into something though. But it gave me an actual reason to learn it.

i learned backwards riding in about 3 or 4 days. Just ride forwards stop and pedal backwards.
just make sure you lean backwards aswell or ur uni will go backwards but you wont.

ahaha the first time i rode backwards, i did a 20cm drop by accident that was funny. I was so amazed that i forgot that i was still on my uni and went straight into the neighbours traffic van…

it was very funny. Yeah dont concentrate too much, I dunno its all about keeping the wheel very straight at the start

That’s my problem, except I lean backwards too far… and my pedals always roll out from under my feet.

When I’m practicing riding backwards I use a mirror to look where I’m going.

I have a question though(well, 2), do you learn how to ride backwards or idle first? Or at the same time?

i learned to idle first, but uhm… i guess its easier to first, but wotever

I found that pedaling forward, a half stroke backwards, then keep going forwards. then go forward 2 half strokes back then go forward again until you feel comfortable. I also thought that if you lead with your butt it helps.