help on crank grabs

i need a little help on crank grabs, i can get my crank on the object but i cant get up

don’t worry dude… neither can i yet!

good news! if you’re able to hop high enough to crank grab, you’re already able to hop high enough to get your wheel on the object or obstacle you’ve grabbed.

don’t worry about moving your unicycle over and onto the object. gravity will do this for you… all you have to do is a slight sidehop… just a few inches to the side, to get your tire over the obstacle. if you try and hop too far sideways it will be harder to stabilize yourself.

let’s say you’ve grabbed with your left crank, such that you have to hop left to get onto the obstacle. to get ready for the hop, focus your eyes on the exact spot where you want to land. lean your body slightly to the left such that your head and shoulders are directly above your landing spot. what this does is “lines you up” with your landing so all you have to do at this point is hop…

center your right foot on the right pedal, hold on to the handle firmly and make the hop with the toes of your left foot (they should be on the left pedal :slight_smile: ). since your head and shoulders are already where they need to be, just think about hopping up instead of up and to the side. as i said earlier, gravity will get your unicycle underneath you. make sure you pull up on the uni as you hop, bending your knees and tucking your legs so the uni goes up and underneath you.

practice, practice! it’s not that big a move, don’t try and make it any bigger than it needs to be… for a 20" unicycle that means you only have to hop a little more than 10" high and 2-3" to the left / right.

good luck!

this is a “tutorials” forum… if you don’t have any tips than please refrain from posting

thx alot its really helping :slight_smile:

I couldnt crank grab until about 1 month ago. I just found that if you just go for it then you will get it. However, i used to catch my tyre and fall over the first few tries and then i started to not really try which just makes things worse. If you fall trying it walk away and try again 5-10 mins later because your confidence will be back.

What level would you consider a crank grab?Was it that you just hop up, put the pedal on something, hop up and down from it, right?Can an $80 unicycle’s pedals resist that?Thank you!

if your talking about having the crank and pedal on a ledge it is all about leaning in (toward the ledge) and pulling up. if your talking about doing a pedal grab you need to kick it up. start with it lower and swing it up and the jump.


got my first completely complete one today it today

after learning crank grabs try pedal grabs. I learnt crank grabs several months ago then yesterday i tried pedal grabs and i landed one second try! Pedal grabs are smoother and i feel you have more control over where you land.

pedal grabs also enable you to grind

in my experience it doesn’t help at all. I am really good at pedal grabs and and can’t grind at all. it’s a similiar landing but that’s about it.

i once managed the second half of a crankgrab (going to rubber) but it was on a slanted bench. i havent really been tryign though…

well most people say if you can jump high enough to crank grab than it is easy to get to rubber. but i disagree. because when you first jump you use the spring in the tyre as well. (well i do) though it is easy to jump to rubber. you can jump alot higher than you think you can! just try it and see. the hardest part i found was the landing in an arkward postion