Help on Rubberising.

Heh. Ok, I don’t really know the term so here goes.

I’m learning to crankgrab and I can’t get to rubber. I’ve tried mimicking the motion w/o the uni and correct me if I’m wrong but will all your weight be on the crank foot when you’re hopping to rubber? I can’t hop high enough on one foot (w/o the uni) so would that be a problem in getting to rubber? Any practise tips?

I am too tired to write any links, so I looked back about 2-3 pages and grabbed these links for you.


Link 1


Link 2

Thanks! I’ve actually read those but was more of wondering if practising to hop w/o the uni is an accurate simulation of the motions that you’d do when going to rubber.

I dont think jumping without the uni would help, in a way youll get the feeling, but its best to practice it with the uni, even if your jumping and jsut landing back on the crank. If that happens, jump a little harder to get a little higher.

I give you a week to get this down. =p


I’ll accept your challenge then :slight_smile: Will have to get my cam repaired before I can show off after though. haha!