Basic Trials help

(1)i was wondering if anyone had any tips for doing a pedal grab on somthing
(2) and tips for gaping stairs(i can do like 2)

practice rolling hops until you can do 5’ flat ground… then its a matter of getting it all lined up
pedal crabs just take practice, find a ledge and practice them on it

What use is practice if he doesn’t know what to practice?

Crank climbs are one of the most important moves for trials. They lead up to pedal climbs. Hop onto the objec, but a slight lean into it. You will have to play with this until you can land. Next, is going to rubber. Scrunch youself down. Lean towards the object and hop as high as you can, using your you lowness to spring. Land to rubber and keep on going. You have to have a minimum of 12" side hop to go to crank. If you can do 20" up to rubber, you are ready for crank climbs.

Gapping stairs is easy. Just get your cranks in the right position. Walk your uni back, or ride back, and then go full speed and launch

Hope that helped

Crank grabs.

For stairs, just pracice rolling hops and side hops down them.

For side hops, make sure you twist you body a few degrees so you land fowards and can get a roll out. If you jump sideways and land sideways, you have a chance of folding your tire, bottoming out, pinching your tube, flat spoting your rim, and wrecking hard. =p

well im about to try all this stuf. thanks for the tips


Since you guys are on the subject, i keep folding my tire after I land. Is there any way to avoid doing this? The momentum from sidehops usually causes that regardless of how straight i land. In fact, sometimes, I’d feel the tire going all wobbly even if I were hopping on the spot. Is my tire pressure too low?


you have to put more air in the tire, the tire sounds too big for the rim. how wide are your rim and tire?

i think she’s got a LUNA on an alex rim. but im not sure.