Help choosing editing program, Please

Okay… So yesterday i bought Sony Vegas 9 at Best Buy. Got home, put it in, didn’t work. So today i went back to Best Buy. Traded it in, got home, put my new disk in, didn’t work. I’m starting to get annoyed. My camera (even though the best buy people told me it was) is for some reason, not compatible with WMM. So I come to you. Can anyone help me decide on a video editing program (preferably under $100) that will work on my computer. It would also be nice to be able to download it to my computer, rather than having to go to the store and pick it up… Any advice? :thinking:

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Could you describe a bit more about what you mean by “didn’t work” and “not compatible with WMM”? It’s very little information to work with, other than possibly your camera is putting out some kind of annoying file format. The answer to what file format might be found in your camera’s manual (look for PDFs on the CD, if there is one), but it also might not…

Ooh sorry about that…

Well, when I put the disk in my drive nothing happened. I tried running all kinds of commands and stuff but nothing happened, so I figured there was something wrong with my disk… I guess not because the brand new one isn’t working either… And yeah my camera is putting the clips in MPEG4, and apparently WMM doesn’t support that file type.

thats weird… what camera do you have?

It’s a samsung… I think that it is supposed to be uploading to a compatible format, but my computer is doing something to it… I’m not sure what to do, this is the second camera that had this problem.:frowning:

what type of computer do you have?

Windows XP

professional or home

Try giving “Jerrick” a personal message, he’s a computer wiz, he has helped me multiple times with computer problems, and getting better quality for my videos.

adobe premiere cs3 or cs4. Love cs3 personally.

I’d say those are your best bets. Cs4 is like $1000 easy though i think. Atleast thats what it costs to upgrade from cs3. I wouldnt recomend it, but you could use a torrent and download it ilegally. (ex of websites that supply stuff Then you can use bittorrent and stuff.


Mpeg4 is an unuseable file (for the most part), sorry. Ive had experience with this on my old digital camcorder. Get another camera (like i did), or buy a software that can change the format of the video (like 10-20 dollar software). I used to use demos of software that would do what i was saying, but i’d just go for buying it. I mean, i dont know if many are really that legit, but its your best bet if you dont want another file type.

again, MPEG4 is virtually unuseable with almost ANYTHING, your software isnt the problem, its the video format. Most digitals record to this format, its made for speedy upload straight to youtube and such. It’ll take like 3 minutes to go buy the formatting software from the internet, if possible, get the demo, make sure it works, then buy.

out of peer interest, what brand/model is your camera?

You can Edit MPEG4 with Vegas 8.0 pro, but I havent render-ed anithing perfectly.

well, then thats news to me. Sorry, just that i hate digital video stuff, cause it normally cant transfer to anything.

It sounds like the computer to me… Is your computer new or old??

I think my friend is coming over today to help me download some stuff with uTorrent.

^the computer is about 3 years old

Wow. this is so crappy. MPEG4 is an unsupported upload file in all the converters too. So I can’t convert my clips either… I’m going back to best buy today… Man, why can’t I just find a camera that is compatible with WMM!?? :angry: :angry:

hmmm thats really weird tell us how it goes

Id suggest to use the program SUPER, which is free, works amazingly and has full support to mp4 and all codecs that go with the video and audio.

Today I went back to best buy… I traded Sony Vegas for Adobe Premier elements 7, and it didn’t work on my computer… It worked on my friend’s computer though, so my mom called a computer guy to come out and fix this for us. :roll_eyes: Where do you get SUPER?

its a free dowload, but when i tried that one i got spywared.
i used Radvid (by bink and smacker, so you can find it) when i needed to convert to AVI, but i’m not sure that it supports mpeg4 (its worth a shot for you to check though)