Help choosing editing program, Please

Well, for right now, my biggest concern is getting this worked out so I can use adobe premier elements.

Only from SUPERs website. Anywhere else that has it will be fishy and end up probably giving you some junk as seen in Skrobos case.

Its completely free and clean of all ad/spyware. You just have to navigate a few pages of their site to get to the download link. Scroll to the bottom of the first page, 2nd link will be just a small scroll down the 2nd page, download link is at the bottom of the 3rd page.

^thanks, I appreciate it.

movie maker

download windows movie maker off of the internet

Movie maker is quite bad… horrible…

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MPEG Streamclip, free from here is the best program I’ve found for converting video - seems to work with most mpeg 4 files. I never got on with Super - always seemed like a right hassle to use.

Depending on what camera you have, different programs support them. If it is an HD camcorder, I think only Premiere CS4 can edit the files directly, although you can import them into Final Cut Pro if you have a mac (and tons of money).

If you convert with MPEG Streamclip though, you can usually easily get your files into a format that you can edit.


Thanks. Right now, with all this crap going on, I would LOVE to use Windows Movie Maker. I just wanna make a video:o\

Edit: I just tried Streamclip. Everytime I try to do something, it crashes. Do you know what it is?

SUPER is easy. You select your output, how you want the file to be, like a .avi, .mp4, .mov or whatever, and they have a huge list of what you want it to be. Even presets for PSP video, the format used on different cellphones and everything.

Then you select the codec you want to use. Divx, h.264 and tons more, then you select the codec of the audio you want. Mp3, AAC, wav and whatever.

Then you have a box below that has your video options in it. Do you want to change the ratio, set the bit rate, change the resolution, its all right there.

Below that you do the same with audio. Select the bit rate, sample rate, or disable audio from the clip.

Then hit enter and wait a few seconds or minutes.

SUPER is the type of program that will take 1min or two to get used to, but its really easy, and has full support to every file ive ever seen. MKV files may need a demuxing treatment, but thats going to be the same for any program if you are handling MKV with multiple audio, video, and subtitle streams. It seems the only way to not like SUPER is if you looked at it, didnt read, then hit the X.

Thanks, but I need 20 GB of memory to put it on my computer. I have 2.:frowning:

Thats just a recommendation. I ran it fine with a comp that was way below its specs for years. If anything, it will run a bit slower. It suggests that just to make sure you have enough room to do conversions. Like when I converted 20gigs of video to avi, and made them the same size and quality of the original file, I ended up with 40gigs of video. The original, and the converted copy.

With only 2gigs of free space left, your gonna be hard pressed with any of the converters you use. I suggest getting a 500gig drive. They are around $60-$80 now.

MPEG streamclip looks ok, so dont hesitate to try that out, or anything else to see what you like the best.

Are you on windows XP or Vista, and do you have the latest quicktime downloaded?

I’m on an XP and not 100% sure about my quicktime. I do think so, though.

Hmm, im not entirely sure. Ive never used that program before so im not sure what would cause it to randomly crash.

It asks me to send an error report, and then it shuts down.:\

Yeah, thats the typical window you get when a program crashes. Id check the FAQs if the site has that section, or a help section, and a quick google of MPEG streamclip Crashes on startup and see what that brings up.

Nah, I’m just going to take back all this stuff and get a Flip Mino. I know that works, because Pat has one.