Has There Been Death Caused By Unicycling?

I was just thinking, has anyone died in a unicycle related accident? I’ve seen lots of pretty bad wrecks and all, but nothing anymore serious then a broken bone or more.

As far as i know, there hasn’t been anything unicycle related deaths, which is really good in my opinion =p but if anyone out there knows of one or two, please tell, or say what you think about it.

Some of the stuff I’ve seen, mainly Kris riding on skinnies, if you fell, the chances of death are very high, or some of the drops from doing trials, land those wrong and you can seriously injure yourself :frowning: So lets see what all you have to say about this =p

I didnt die from unicycleing.

I’m with irvinegr.

I think there was a thread about this kind of thing a long time ago, but the search function doesn’t seem to work very well for me. i’ll try a domain-specific Google search.

Here’s the whole search result:

oh weird, i did a search, went through all 11 pages that came up and didnt see that, thanks for the link =p

Yeah, if you want to do a Google search for just a specific site use the “site:[site_here]” thingy and then your search criteria.

For example, I wrote:
“site:unicyclist.com unicycle related deaths”
(minus the quotation marks, but you already knew that) for my search.

Thanks, ill use that for my next searches, seems like you get a lot better results that way =p

Short answer: None that we know of

If I recall, when this thread came up before, even the inestimable John “God of Unicycling” Foss hadn’t heard of a uni-related death that anyone could corroborate.

I’m always telling people that I don’t want to go down in history as the first uni death. For that matter, I don’t want to be the second, third, and so on.

I have a bad feeling that a uni-related death isn’t too far away due to the amazing (and terrifying) things people now attempt on unicycles. I have the same dread that California isn’t going to be around too much longer in its current geographical state due to the San Andreas fault.

So John Foss could be the first person to die while unicycling if he happens to be riding when the ‘Big One’ hits. Get out of there while you can, John!!!

i heard about this guy who was giraffing on a tight rope and he felll on his head and died

yeah im suer a few circus accidents have resulted in death…

Faults tend to change landscape on geologic time. If you want to worry about geographical changes on a human time scale, worry about Manhattan being underwater due to global warming.

my cat died from a unicycle crash…:frowning: So i guess thats a unicycle related death!

p.s. but dont worry my cat still has 8…no…7 lives left :wink:

i’d imagine there’s some horrible circus related death that involved a unicycle. i have no idea nor proof so i’m gonna have to say no.

did you seriously run over your cat on your unicycle??
one time a squirrel did run in front of my coker and made me swerve and almost UPD…I definitely could have ridden over it if I wanted to.

Does it count if I murder my brother with some pinned pedals?

It might, but I would not recommend trying it. Althought there has been some temptation on my part to occassionally try it.
Just think of the headlines!
It wouldn’t look to good for unicyclist around the world.

I ran overa kangaroo rat once…theyre Edangered supposedly, but they are like rabbits out here!

Re: Has There Been Death Caused By Unicycling?

On Fri, 31 Mar 2006 20:14:13 -0600, James_Potter wrote:

>one time a squirrel did run in front of my coker and made me swerve and
>almost UPD…I definitely could have ridden over it if I wanted to.

Scott Kurland ran over several squirrels with his Coker (on separate
occasions), and killed them in the process.

Unrelatedly, Scott is the only person in the world known to me to have
learned riding a unicycle on a Coker. Jayne ZA tried to be the second.

yea i was cruzing along and it ran in front of me and i ran right over it! It didn’t move and i think its back broke and we had to let the vet kill it.

P.S. no…actually i dont even have a cat,never did:o

yeah, Kris Holm has rode on the Lions Gate Bridge’s cables in Vancouver, B.C.

A fall would have been a possible death. But hey, he is skilled :slight_smile: ! I dont know of any death from a uni occurance.

I died while riding once. It’s not fun, that’s for sure.