Happy International Unicycle day!!!!

Well,todays it! Happy International Unicycle day!!:smiley:

What are you doing today that is unicycle related?

Just thought id say it, Have a good day:D

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Going riding in 94deg F/70% humidity, heat index ~100 :astonished:

I am soooooo looking forward to it.

But it beats being a fatty and sitting in front of the tube.

I rode today :stuck_out_tongue: it was quite fun riding street down town ktown. it was 96 by the thermometer in my truck

I chose this evening to do a 2 mile ride on my 29"er, something I’ve not done in years. My legs are wobbly from disuse, but I’m now not sure why I ever stopped.

I guess, I’m back. :smiley:

My unicycle related activity for today is limited to posting this reply

I’m going to update the Affiliates page on the USA web site. Woot!

(I haven’t done it yet)

Being ridden by a clown.

Built my 2 new wheels, packed all my stuff for NAUCC, I’m ready to leave :slight_smile:

Did an interesting loop this morning on the 29er, with 1.9 miles on road (uphill) and 3 miles on trail (flat & downhill).

I could not keep it up on the steep uphill – felt like my old pumper was gonna bust outta my chest – so I walked about 2/3 of the way on the road, but the trail sure was fun.

Had a couple of UPDs on the trail, but not all the way to the ground – with one exception: Just after I styled the most technical downhill bit and was starting to celebrate, I biffed it on some easy stuff. I tumbled off the side of the trail in slow-mo and ended up in the bushes, laughing.

My last thought before the UPD: “It ain’t over 'till the fat lady sings!”

Come to think of it, I never did hear her first note…

I rode my bike today and told everybody I saw, “here’s my other wheel.” They didn’t seem to understand.

Didn’t have too much time today but managed to squeeze in a short 2 mile ride iaround the neighborhood on a 90+ day

A very nice quarter-century cruise around South Lake Tahoe on my 36er. :smiley:

But this was before I knew what today was…

Today I did an about 5 miles ride to and along the Bay.

Dane, thank you again for the Sattelklemme (forgot the english word for it :o) it fits perfect! :wink:

I had a nice 7-mile ride on the 36 after work. The weather was perfect; it was pleasant evening ride.


I went to the weekly vancouver meet, got to try an electric assisted unicycle. You think you get weird looks normally, try as you whir flying past bicyclists uphill.

Seatpost clamp, and you’re welcome! You just need new bearings now :stuck_out_tongue: And I’m going to have to guess that my K1’s were assembled in the states with imperial size nipples, I can’t figure out why else my spoke wrench wouldn’t fit yours.

Looks like a nice spot :slight_smile:

I literally only got to ride for about 10 seconds today, I was late for class!

I’m gonna try and do some trials tomorrow :wink:

I rode a little bit of trials, but it was way too hot. I rode like 1h+ of Muni, and it was still really hot, I got home, I rode another like 1h+ of flatland on my Muni it was still super hot, but in the dark it wasn’t that bad :stuck_out_tongue:

The riding was brutal last night, did a loop at Concord along the lake, humidity was high (70-80%), temps were high (92f), felt like I was riding in a sauna. But I’d rather ride than sit at home and think about riding.

I do wish it would cool off some, supposed to drop into the uper 80’s this weekend. Wwe’re having quite a heat wave out here. You folks out West have it easy, no humidity makes a world of difference.

Can’t wait for next month when I get to ride in SLC :slight_smile:

You got that right. I did 6 miles yesterday which is usually pretty easy, but i had to stop a couple times because it was so hot… :angry: