Hand, forward foot, side hop

I was talking to someone about how I hop. I hop right handed, right foot forward and to the left. Thats kinda alot to say so I thought a system like hand, foot forward and side hop. It also seems easy to remember. I would be right right left. So what do you think?

I like it, but how have you chosen to order those elements? I would have thought that in order of significance it should go ‘forward foot’, ‘sidehop direction’, ‘hand’.

Using your method I’m left, left, right.


I am also left, left, right, but am trying to learn to hop to the left so that I can do front foot foward grinds and pedal grabs.

I’m right, right, left. Wow

left,left,right or left,right,right or right,left,right

Left, Left, Right! However untill I fractured my right wrist I used the right is my hopping hand.

I am Left, Left, Right.

Hi. The first post by uni412 was my twin brother. I’m Right, Right, Right.

Also right, right, right. I think Tim’s method is good cuz it goes top to bottom so its easy to remember. If you wanted to get really simple then I’m triple R, RRR.


My dominants are left, left, right. Hopefully most of you can do these things with the opposite side, though probably not as well.

I though top to bottom would be the more likelly to be remembered. It seemed to be a natual order for it.

right hand , left foot, left side hop.

i can hop less well to the right, and with the other hand, again not as well. its almost impossible for me to hop with the right foot forward. i really need to work on it i suppose.

I use my right hand. I have my left foot forward and i hop to the left. Is that very strange? :thinking:

that is probably the most common. its just a coincidence that no one else has posted it.


tomsey you are my inspiration to learn to grind this way. i was afraid i’d have to pull a muniracer and switch my stance :slight_smile:


right hand, right foot back, right side… right right right!

love the all right style haha


I just switched stance and have added 6" to my hop height in just a few hours of practicing.

Left foot back, Right Hand, Hop to the left(for hopping).6+" higher.

Right forward, right hand, hop to the right(for grabs and grinds).Better for rolling hops.

Left, Left, (Right or Left) but I’ve only been riding for a little over a week and I haven’t done jumping/dropping thats high enough where a dominant foot would matter (I can only jump a curb, and even then only half the time but usually I can approach from both directions). Everything else is in unicycling is left though, (idle, mount) but interestingly enough I use my right foot when I play soccer.

Right hand on seat, Left foot forward, and just right


right right right i am