Halloween Costume ideas?

Is there a Unicycle-related Halloween costume other than “clown”?

theres that guy form the BC comic strip… and you could dress your uni up like a bc wheel…

or you can dress like a monkey and ride your unicycle for bananas.

Re: Halloween Costume ideas?

Nurse From Hell comes to mind… :smiley:

Something big and flowing would look cool while riding but probably wouldn’t translate at the door.

Try this: Hop in place on the porch, ring door bell, receive candy while hopping in place, turn 180 and ride off the porch.

That would be much more impressive than any costume.

You could also wear a Donald Rumsfeld mask and fake UPD’s. Again, I’m not sure if the humor would translate… :roll_eyes:

I thought about doing a ghost with a big sheet and like a hoola hoop thing to keep it away from your tire that way you could ride arround and it would look as if you are hovering. Doesnt work to well for house parties though… Especially not college ones.


how about a cowboy?

  • Businessman with three-piece suit and briefcase.

  • Surfer dude.

  • Robot waitress from Star Wars Episode II.

  • Quisp. Remember him?

Basically, anything but a clown. Please.

Grim Reaper with long flowing robe and an umbrella :astonished:


you could do what I did last year.



or you could go AS a unicycle…

or a world-champion table-tennis player

or perhaps a cross-country jump-roper

or (scariest of all) an IRS audit man…

Awh, Man! use your imagination!..

you could be a clown…with a machete!!!

or space alien(because unicycles originaly came from a being of superior intellegence to this world!)

Yup, and also Quake…both before and after his makeover.

Quisp was the better of the two…

Okay, I’ve come up with the coolest uni halloween costumes.

  1. Attach a broomstick right underneath the saddle. Then wear a longish cloak, dress up like Harry Potter, and it would look like you were hovering on the broom stick.

  2. The dementors in Harry Potter are like over 10 feet tall. So get a 6 foot giraffe, and a reeaally long cloak to cover the bottom of it, and you’re a dementor. The dementors like hover around, and float, rather than actually walking. Or you could just be Death. I would be a dementor because Harry Potter is the awesomest thing in the world, though.

You could put a piece of black bristol board on your back and go as a giant unicycle fridge magnet.

It would not take much to turn the leg/arm armor and helmet into a gladiator outfit.

If you have a lot of people you could be a bowling ball and pins.

Re: Halloween Costume ideas?

Memphis Mud <Memphis.Mud.v37wg@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

> Is there a Unicycle-related Halloween costume other than “clown”?

well I’ve seen unicycing cats, devils, witches and wizards, oh and a few
zombies and vampires. Not to mention quidditch players.


Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders

Good ones all.

I thought of one that me and 2 daughters could do together. Or could easily be expanded for our local parades with 20 MUCsters all alike.


I could even put a playing card in the spokes! Vrooom vroooom! :sunglasses:

Go to your local army supplies store and kit yourself out like these guys: -


Re: Halloween Costume ideas?

I just thought I would point you to an article on circusnews.com:

you could paint yourself red and tell people that you are a human shaped jell-o mold…riding a unicycle