Halloween Costume ideas?

ive been wanting to do this for a long time…

you could make ur uni look like a horse(you could make a shell, attach some fur, a tail ect.) then dress like a cowboy and totally make it look realistic( rock back and forth make some cool sound effects)
If i was going to spend any time on a good halloween costume that’d be the one :smiley:

You could dress like a bike racer, but simulate a bad crash with fake blood and bandages. Carry a busted-up front wheel, fork and handlebars. Keep asking, “Which way did they go?”

it is almost halloween…

my friend’s friend brought this up:

shirtless. show off those abs
decorate uni as cracker
pants and boots
play the music while riding


best idea : scaring!
reminds me this one

Ghost has already been mentioned, but I had some different ideas about it. It didn’t get done this year because I couldn’t find a 20" unicycle cheap enough to defile for the costume. Also, I’m not nearly as into Halloween (or other fancy dress occasions) as this writeup might suggest.

Paint a 20" uni flat black so it is as invisible as possible in low light. Everything. Spokes, hardware, tire labels, everything.
Wear black shoes, gloves, and other clothes for the same reason.
Do the usual sheet deal, but make it short so it’s not getting entangled or making it obvious that you’re pedaling. Like waist-high or so. Above the elbows might be good for limited flailing. Ghosts are supposed to be floating above the ground, not sweeping it. The whole idea of using a uni is for the floating effect.
Attach the sheet to a helmet for safety and for that rounded top, not just a sheet over somebody’s head look. Added bonus: it would keep the eye holes positioned over your eyes.

Nice idea. My little brother’s got a 20" uni that the previous owner spray painted flat black as you describe. But he’s already figured out what he wants to be…

My friend and I are going to tie our Munis together with slinkies, and be a mountain*ike.

Unicycling starts at about 25 seconds. :wink:


Hallowe’en is traditionally the time when the door between the spirit world and this one is said to be slightly ajar, the boundary between the realm of the dead and the realm of the living is said to be thinner and more permeable. It has nothing to do with clowns, cowboys or any of that sort of thing.

Ghosts, ghouls, witches, demons: yes.

Miscellaneous horror film tropes such as mad chainsaw killers and vampires: not really.

Cowboys and general fancy dress: no.

Unless of course you have chocolate eggs for Christmas, always decorate an Easter tree, and buy your loved one a turkey dinner for Valentine’s day.

Signed, a grumpy traditionalist.

Considering eating lots of Burger King and McDonald’s will kill you sooner than later so that you are in the spirit world, I think my costume fits!

Looks very cool and interesting. Figuring out how it all fits together. I suppose it is a bit scary riding backwards, not being able to look behind you.

A female ghost is great. Big long dress that covers the wheel and almost reaches the floor. This gives the effect of looking like you are floating along not touching the ground… a great effect.


Here is another link of my Halloween Costume for all you Facebook people to share easily to your friends: https://www.facebook.com/TheUnicyclingUnicorn/posts/10155667002227536?notif_id=1542209348328129&notif_t=page_post_reaction