Grischa Muni Challenge 2012 (3 days Team Muni "race")

Adrian Iten, Stefan Gauler ( and turtle proudy present the 2nd “Grischa Muni Challenge” :slight_smile:

Beginning: evening of the 9th of august 2012
End: evening of the 12th of august 2012
if you’re in europe for the unicon anyway, it’s a great oppertunity to participate also here!

Expiry of the “Grischa Muni Challenge”

The start of the event is the check-in in the hostel (Davos, Lenzerheide or Arosa) on 9th of August 2012. After dinner, the first "Riders briefing” held. There, the Organizer sets the stage for the next day. This includes the trails, cablecars and trains that can be used and the time limit will be given in which the goal must reached.
Each team plans their next day-trip, using the maps.
Next morning the start will be at 9 clock.
The same happens in the following days, each in a different destination (Arosa, Lenzerheide, Davos):
Finish, dinner, "Riders briefing and debriefing”, planning the route and the next morning start.
The routes traveled per team will be recorded by GPS, the data are always evaluated on the evening of the organizer and the status of the teams announced.
For the award of the Points distance, the altitude, the difficulty of the trails and respect the time limit is relevant. The team must remain in full during all three days.
Final is on 12 August to be back in Arosa and there will decide which team could collect the most points.


Participants can be unicyclist /-innen from all around the world. The teams put together themself. There is only one category. May be paticipate with any mountain unicycles (no matter what size, with or without gear, etc.). Is recommended by the organizer at least 24 ".
Maximum of 35 participants will be allowed.

Achievements and participation fees

The athletes themselves pay a starting fee of ???, this includes three nights with half board in a backpacker in Arosa and the Youth Hostels of Valbella / Lenzerheide and Davos, use of mountain railways, transport from one piece of luggage from one stage to another, one set of maps and a GPS per team for three days.

Insurance / Liability

All participants must be in possession of an accident and liability insurance and take full personal responsibility for their health. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for various damages, accidents, theft and loss of personal property. Also, the organizer nor liable towards third parties.

Awesome to hear turtle! I will be trekking over from Australia for UNICON and will participate in this event too. I will be in touch about a team.



remember this event when your planning your trip to europe for the unicon!

website will be up soon…

Hi Turtle,

Last years Grischa was an incredible event. I’ll be doing my best to ensure I can be there again. Thanks for organising it again Turtle. :slight_smile:

For anyone unsure what its all about, then you can read about the last Grischa here.


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hmm…that’s tempting! i was thinking of going to europe before, but doing this after might be more awesome. mark, any thoughts on team members? :slight_smile:


Go there before and after :slight_smile: That’s my thinking.

i’m so excited :smiley:

only a couple more days and it will be possible to register!

Registration is open:

Interesting… I’ll probably sign up :smiley: I’ll be more than a month in Europe, and unicycling everyday! :smiley:

hmmm…im really tempted…when is the cut off to sign up?

there is no cut off, BUT we take only 35 participants and have already ten… would be cool to have some riders from oversea

Just registered for my brother and I. We were looking for a unique fun unicycle challenge to celebrate my younger brothers 50th birthday … and this is perfect! (Assume there is no restriction on some old gits joining in the fun!! ? ). He will fly from the UK to join me in Austria and we will make our way down to the start. Looking forward to updates … cheers for now, Dave.

best birthday gift ever! :slight_smile:

is his birthday during the event?

now we’ve already 15 registred participants!

20 are left…

Grischa Muni Challenge 2012

is part of the

Taste of MUD 2012

“is his birthday during the event?” … No, unfortunately not the event is a little earlier, but it won’t stop us from celebrating! Cheers, Dave


three teams are registred!

we’ll have some new highlights this year, the first one is organized and will be announced in the next days!

hmm im going to ask if i can go…i’d really like to…:smiley:

we’ve got the first registration from the US!

so far there are riders from:

United Kingdom
United States of America

First new highlight:

we’ll have a Fondue-Party!!!

Second HIGH-light:

the fondueparty is at 2500 meters asl