Game changer - 36er CARBON wheel!

I tried this type of tool already

It unfortunately does not fit in the small hole. I used it on the larger spoke access holes, and it works to smooth the edge, but the flexible fibers just get pushed out if the way.

This was essentially half off already since it is a warranty for my previous rim with similar (but lesser) issues. Given the next best options are double the weight, they are still what I would choose again even if I knew I would get the same poor quality again.

I’m still happy and appreciate that they make this rim despite the small market.

I gave up on trimming the carbon on the smaller spoke holes… (I lost the tiny razor blade sliver and am really hoping I don’t step on it in the future)
Trimmed the carbon on the larger access holes though.

I forced the nipples through with some effort. Plenty of carbon dust and shavings getting thrown around in the process though which is probably not particularly healthy…

The other thought I had (after you said you had a solution using the part of a razor blade) was to use an end-mill of the same size as the hole/nipple and just put it in the hole and rotate it with your fingers.

My reasoning for using an end-mill is that it probably has four flutes which have a shorter pitch and are sharper than a drill, so might have a reasonable chance of cutting the slivers of carbon fibre – bit of a moot point given you’ve got the wheel built but it might be an idea for someone in the future.