KH G36 + Braus Carbon Rim (Feat. TPU Tube) - Full Unicycle Assembly

I don’t expect anyone to watch the whole of this near 20min video but hopefully the content and chapters will make it useful

This covers TPU install into a Braus rim as well as general set up of the Schlumpf hub including fresh crank installs with the DIY pre-tightening bolt.

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Really great video…entertaining…GCN worthy!
(GCN - Global cycling network YouTube channel, for those unawares)

On the techical side, I may be a bit biased though, as I am in the middle of building my G36.

Nice touch having your son in the frame…so cute… Did I hear right, your son’s name is Florian?

Really amazing Build… Best of the best gear… Just awesome to see.

What is the weight of the wheel?

Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks Norm! Glad it was entertaining / useful. I have tendency towards verbosity so it was a challenge to get this down to 20 mins from the original 45(!).

Yes that’s correct and I kind of know how this reads - hub fan gone way too far. Truth be told we’ve always liked the name and it was on the unwritten list before really… but it just came to the fore during this period. For ages he was due to be called Orson - but that was flipped out to Florian - Orson now being his middle name.

Being half Czech it also feels like Florian has an easier resonance in Europe…

Good point. I don’t know. Will weigh it all tomorrow :+1:


I was fortunate that my wife let me name my kids. Yes, it is a very personal thing and apologies if I seemed judging of your choice.

Looking forward to see the weight of the wheel.
I know the weight of KH spirits so that will be easy to deduct. Cheers

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I love light wheels, buuut with one exception. Muni is the exception.
I was surprised but I found out that its much easier to ride on a rough surface with heavier wheel. Bigger “flywheel” runs smoother, and you need less effort to control it over small rocks/branches/potholes.


Yes I think you’re right. I think you’d opt for a carbon wheel like this more for speed and agility at the sacrifice of roll over fly wheel weight.

It’s a trade off and likely requires more skills in different areas to feel “at home” on a wheel like this.

I like my heavy wheels, but I really wanted to challenge myself and experience the lightest geared 36er possible too.

G36ers (non carbon) can pick up quite a bit of speed on a slight downhill as the wheel just carries momentum without you really noticing, so I am expecting and curious to see how this wheel responds to a down hill in high.

My guess - I’ve not been able to test it yet, that it’ll feel more like a 29er but with the bigger feel of a 36er height wise and with the 36” wheels roll over geometry working in its favour- but it will be more nimble or twitchy (pick which word you feel like depending on your mood).

I weighed the wheel yesterday. Sans pedals so just KH 150/127 cranks:

So this is 100mm 32h, Braus Rim - TPU inner tube and King George Ultimate = 4500g~

I did this as I wanted to change the tyre to the Vee Rubber T-monster to see if it gets rid of the camber twist I’ve been wrestling with.

The KG Ultimate is a nice and light tyre. Lighter by around 200grams to the Vee tyre so I was a bit disappointed to make the call to remove it as this wheel was aimed at being speedy and road focused. I may go back to it one day. But I needed to check why I couldn’t ride an off camber section and see if it was solely the tyre causing this.

The wheel now weighs:

So a bit of a bump but it’ll still be a lot lighter than the Dominator2 set up.


Can the camber twist be due to the pressure of the tire? I set it to ~45 psi on a NightRider Lite (with same tube and rim) and don’t notice any camber issue.

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Ahhh I wish I had tried that before I took it off. I’ve never found less PSI helpful to camber issues but there’s always a first.

Oh well I will ride the Vee today and see how that is. Then I’ll probably need to switch back just to see how your suggestion feels!


I didn’t know you had already tried at higher PSI. I don’t think it would make a change to reduce the pressure, then.
Maybe you’ll have to give a try to the NightRider tire :innocent:

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You do tempt me to tinker - even though I really don’t enjoy changing tyres… and for someone reason I was more worried the Nightriders would blow off compared to the King George tyres … but I know that isn’t logical.

I think the King George may find its way back on the rim and I do like how nimble it is. Turns nicely and rolls smoothly.

So when I am at my Unicon21 weight and focusing more on road riding I’ll try it again - but for the moment the Vee rolls like a pizza cutter on bad camber and no twist.

I do feel the extra 200grams and I do feel it is a bit more sticky. But it was agony on camber with the KG Ultimate so I would rather be able to ride and get 90% of the carbon benefit over struggling with any camber issues and feeling the wheel is a bit lighter.

The Nimbus tyre I have hiding under my bed is however tempting me to see if it is camber free and feels lighter than the Vee’s 1400grams :thinking:

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