Game changer - 36er CARBON wheel!

You’re right. The last mail I received from LB was asking for the tires to try them on their potential rim:

Do you have both Innova and Vee tires there? If yes, we may need these two tires when developing and lab testing 36inch rims here.

Ideally they’d be sent some well used tyres too, so we don’t end up with a “oh, well a brand new tyre hasn’t stretched and will probably work OK” situation again.


That’s a nice looking uni and it looks comfy to ride.

Main issue IMO is that all carbon 36er rims were/are designed for tubeless setups, even though TR 36er tires don’t (yet) exist. We already know that the stealth 2 rim is ideal for max pressure, so to have a carbon rim made to the same specs would seem like the ideal solution. Is that not possible with carbon?

Vee Tire is great in a tubeless setup using a Brauss rim! Don’t you know? The only real issue is when mixing Innova with a carbon rim.

That is why I whish that Innova will make modern tyre! It is a bit crazy asking a rim maker to step back to Hooked rim to match an old tyre. We sholud ask Innova to step forward


The TM is not tubeless ready. No 36er tires are.



Oddly enough the original Vee T Monster from the first batch (heavier) is listed as Tubeless Ready

See the old listing details on UDC US via WayBack Machine

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All tubeless ready bike tires will have that designation printed right on the sidewall. I know of no currently manufactured 36er tires that have such designation. And wire bead tires are almost never rated TR.



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I agree 100%. It was extremely irresponsible (borderline unethical) for Brauss and Nextie to bring these products to market without working in conjunction with tire manufacturers.

Terry, did you tested it or are you guessing? I speak from experience. Vee-Tire is a nice tire in a tubeless setup from my EXPERIENCE. The only reason I’m using a tube is that it is a very hard to setup a 36er with rope spokes and a tubeless setup. Forget to use a tubeless setup if you prefer to ride at 50+ PSI, but if you like to ride down to 25-35 PSI, that is the reign of the tubeless and the Vee-Tire is great at it.

Please test it and than let me know what you think about it.


The only 36er “tubeless” setup I’ve heard of is the so-called “ghetto tubeless” method. I would never try that myself as the penalty for failure (and injury!) is simply not worth the risk. And I typically run 65psi to achieve the lowest RR. Certainly not ever recommended if running any tubeless setup.

Terry, you should wait the new light tubes. Maybe within a few days I’ll link here news about a new 36er TPU tube from an italian brand





I got another Brauss rim, and it seems even worse than my first one.

Every single large spoke hole has a bunch of carbon leftover. I am at least able to snip them away with flush cutters, and then use a small round file to clean it up.

The smaller holes where the nipple sits is more annoying. Lots of thick strands of carbon fiber blocking them, and I don’t know how to clean these out… For one of them, I tried to push a nipple in from the other side to force the fibers out of the way, then put it back the normal way. I’m a bit afraid of compromising the strength of the rim. Any ideas on how to clean this up, or forcing the nipples in is the best?

Plenty of surface defects, but these I will just ignore now…

First thing to do if you bought this new is to send it back, that’s unacceptable. If that’s not an option for whatever reason, I’d just take a little file and kind of saw at it and then smooth it out, maybe even a dremel for the big stuff.

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Can you manage to grab the end of the fibres in the hole with a pair of fine tweezers so you can pull them taught and cut them with the point of a scalpel?

Failing that I’d try to pare them against the edge of the hole with the tip of a scalpel. Pushing the nipple in a bit and cutting them against that might be a reasonable approach too – it would give you something to cut the fibres against and push them out for better access.

Did you get that rim secondhand? If it’s new, those flaws are unacceptable to me.

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Not secondhand. Directly from alchemist as a warranty for my first rim.

I have a small exacto #11 blade, and it does not reach far enough into the nipple hole…
Given it took about 10 months to get this second rim and dozens of follow up emails…I am not fond of dealing with them.

I ended up breaking a piece of a razor blade off, holding it with a pair of pliers.
Then, push a cylindrical eraser up against the back of the hole, and cutting it with the piece of razor blade.

It is a huge pita to do though…


My condolences on these problems with your new rim. Wish you had a proper product instead of having to fix their quality control issues…

The surface defects just seem to be one of those things that they’ve never quite got right, and you could possibly forgive (especially if you were aware that it’s been a pretty common problem), but the fibres that haven’t been cleaned up is just lazy.

For such an expensive product they absolutely should be spending the time to clean these holes before shipping them out and not expecting customers to do it.

A sharp rotating deburring tool would be my first choice, after contacting them to get some kind of a discount for the trouble.